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There are many reasons to go on holiday in Thailand, the Thai culture and the magnificent places you can visit are just some of these reasons. To help you on your trip to Thailand, we list the 10 reasons to go on vacation in Thailand.

Thai cuisine is able to surprise and delight the traveler from the first taste. Traveling in these places you can approach a culinary tradition that, in its variety, reflects the differences between the regions of the nation and also the varied cultural influences to which it is subjected, the Arab and the Chinese above all. On the Thai table we mainly find rice, vegetables and spices, together with tasty tropical fruits: often these ingredients all meet together on the plate, in a continuous reference between the four basic flavors, sweet and salty, sour and bitter.

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Mai Pen Rai is a sort of don't worry be happy Thai, it's the art of letting things slip on you. The Thai people are a very kind, quiet population and have a lot of respect for people and tourists. Obviously, in order not to offend the Thais or to put you in situations of embarrassment or discomfort there are some rules of behavior to follow such as: Learn a few words in the local language to greet someone, address someone using only the name. But there is also what not to do like: Do not touch someone's head, do not touch a monk, do not point the finger at a person, do not keep your hands in your pockets, and many other things not to do.

Nightlife in Thailand is an explosion of emotions, whether you want a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach of a wonderful Tropical Island or you want a night of pure and "transgressive" fun in one of the most famous clubs in Bangkok. Thailand is able to satisfy all kinds of expectations! Each tourist destination in Thailand offers small corners of paradise where you can spend a romantic evening in the company of your love, wrapped in a warm and fairytale atmosphere, capable of making you feel at the center of the universe. But equally varied is the offer of clubs, discos and pubs that make nightlife in Thailand one of the most sparkling and popular offers in all of Asia.

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Diving is Thailand's most popular water sport and the coasts and islands offer some of the best sites in the world. The water is transparent, abundant marine life, transportation and hospitality are conveniently available. Diving in Thailand is relatively cheap and once you get your certificate here, you can then use it all over the world. Diving is possible throughout the year, although visibility changes with the seasons. In the Andaman Sea the best time is from October to April, in the Gulf of Thailand from May to September. In some sites the water is so transparent that the underwater world of sharks, manta rays, marlins, flying fish, dolphins and coral reefs is visible from the surface.

Thai temples are very suggestive architectural structures, capable of instilling an enormous spirituality not only on the faithful, but also in all those who look at it. Thailand boasts of numerous oriental architectural works including the famous Thai temples "a real spoiled for choice". The wat of Thailand are many and enchanting, with their elaborate architectures, gigantic statues and golden roofs. An experience that will leave you breathless!

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The capital of Thailand is famous among travelers from all over the world for many things, but among the best known there are undoubtedly the Thai markets, located on the street or on the canals full of vendors where you can buy everything you can imagine and eat some delicious Thai cuisine. For Thais, buying and spending their daily lives in these places is completely normal. Whether you want to sing along with the local bands in a night market, take a cruise on the canals of the floating market, taste the wonderful and cheap Thai dishes of the street markets, or watch a train go right through the center of the station market ... you will surely find what you are looking for in one of the many markets in Bangkok.

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Thailand, like many other Southeast Asian countries, is famous for the traditional festivals and for the folkloric events that take place here every year, to the delight of both local inhabitants and tourists. The Thais are reputed to be the most cheerful and smiling people in all of Asia. In fact in the Kingdom every occasion is good to celebrate: it is no coincidence that the Thai calendar is full of official and unofficial appointments, recurrences between the sacred and the profane that determine social life. The festivals of Thailand almost all follow the lunar calendar and are linked to Buddhist or Brahman rituals, others instead to the sowing and harvesting of rice.

The capital of Thailand is among the most enigmatic cities in Asia. Those who visit Bangkok for the first time are struck by the many contradictions that coexist in the city. The capital of Thailand is the most enigmatic city of Southeast Asia, suspended between past and future. With its eight million inhabitants, Bangkok is a city that never sleeps, fascinating, exciting and truly incredible to visit. Bangkok is a city that offers tourists a lot, satisfying both modern travelers, who appreciate its cosmopolitan atmosphere, and more traditionalists, who are fascinated by the temples and the Royal Palace.

The jungle and swampy areas extend over all coastal areas, with vast expanses of tropical vegetation including mangroves, rushes ... but also several species of highly prized timber. In the alteterre there are woods with a prevalence of teak trees, they have all the species of tropical fruit and flower plants such as orchids, gardenias, hibiscus, mangoes, banana trees, coconut palms ... The fauna is abundant and very varied: among the mammals include the rhino, the tiger, the leopard, the buffalo, the gibbon and in particular the elephant which is used as a working animal. There are also numerous species of reptiles, most of them poisonous, but also of birds and fish. Khao Yai National Park is one of the most fascinating protected areas in Thailand for the beauty of the landscape and the exceptional nature of the fauna.

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Intact coves, fine white sand, crystal clear waters to get lost in, luxuriant nature. There are also idyllic islands to discover. Immersing yourself in such a calm and unspoiled sea will be a marvel: you will almost have the feeling of having entered a large swimming pool. Here is Thailand, which, with its archipelagos and its coral reef, offers many different solutions for enjoying a tropical holiday by the sea. White sand, clear waters to dive in, lush nature and seabed with coral reefs to explore. The most famous destination is Phuket, an hour's flight from Bangkok, for its luxury resorts and its paradisiacal bays. But in addition to this world-famous island there is much more.