The transparent water of Dawki (Umgot) River and boating experience

14th Aug 2018
Photo of The transparent water of Dawki (Umgot) River and boating experience by Neha Kumari

First reached the bridge of Umgot river. Umgot river is famous for its transparent water. We also came here in the greed of this, so that we can take photos of moving boats on transparent water and then propagate in our friends that boats here move in the air.

"Is boating?" Asked a boy near the bridge.

"No, but tell me where are the hotels here?"

And in a while we were sitting in a boat and going in front of the stream of Umagot. All of our luggage was with us, except for motorcycles. The motorcycle was standing at the boy's house, which was slightly above here. The boy pointed to his house and said - "He is Bangladesh."

"What does that mean? where?"

I knew that the whole country was Bangladesh, but it was curious to see when the land changed from India to Bangladesh.

"The machines that are in front of them are all in Bangladesh. And that dry river is also in Bangladesh. This mountain is in India and as soon as the mountain ends, Bangladesh starts immediately. "

I have been looking at this sight for a long time. Many machines were making noise and doing dusty work. Perhaps the stone was breaking.

So we were going in the boat opposite the river and going to a camp site. There were some tents in the sand on the banks of the Umgot river, one was given to us. There were too many empty tents.

A dog was playing with a chicken. But the poultry parrots were flying. He felt that the dog would not leave him. He repeatedly dodged the dog and escaped there and this dog was enjoying it. The cock was making big noise. To save your life, go roaming in an empty tent. The cock was fluttered once or twice, but did not see the way out and stopped the voice and fluttered. The dog looked eagerly in the tent, but he could not see the cock. Then the dog went down in the sand and lay down After two or three hours, when some passengers came and the tent was given to them, then the chicken was taken out of it.

The lights of Shanogapadeng village were visible in the north. This river comes from the same village.

In the evening, going to the river bank. The fish were very much, and when they came to the feet, they started tickling. And clean water so much that what to say!

The whole night, the crew of the breaks of trucks was heard crying. There was a road leading upstream across the river. The slope is the same The trucks going to Bangladesh were standing in the line. When the turn comes gradually, the truck slowly stops and stops and the sounds of the breaks continue to come.