The unexpected Adventure (Marmala)

16th Jan 2017
Day 1

The Unexpected Adventure -

On a cold November Morning, we went out on an expedition to see this beautiful Waterfall, Marmala.  We started Our journey from Changancherry at exactly (late) 7 am. We took the Ettumanoor - Eerattupetta Route and reached Teekoy . From Teekoy its about 7 km to  Marmala . The last 2 kilometres can be called something as an offroad climb. If you are on a Bike, it would be a bit hard to climb up. Once you reach at the end of this non-existing road. You can park your bike and start walking through this forest for about 200 metres .

P.S: Better watch out for snakes, as there are a lot of them because of clearing the forest nearby.

There are a lot of big rocks around this waterfall that adds to the scenic beauty, Try not to jump to the water as it is deep and dangerous. There is a lot of places to roam around near the waterfall.

Photo of The unexpected Adventure (Marmala) by Anshad Shaji
Photo of The unexpected Adventure (Marmala) by Anshad Shaji
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