Things to take care of while choosing a travel partner

2nd Jun 2015

What is the most terrifying thing about planning a trip?
The most underestimated fear is to find a right travel partner. Most of us cannot travel solo which is just a personality trait. We want someone with whom we can share all pleasant and not so pleasant travel memories with, so here is the guide you can refer to while choosing a right travel partner -

1- Be careful with the medical history 

Though we all cannot have Vogue cover model bodies or a regular fitness regime but you still don't want to lift your travel buddy throughout the trip because he or she is breathless when you want to be at the top of that hill to see the gorgeous view of the city.

2-  Say no to the super judgemental buddies 

You absolutely don't want to be judged when you want to just strike a conversation with a local or when you are completely slaushed  and can't even walk properly  How you brush your teeth shouldn't be a problem to them :p 

3- Should be open to anything (just anything)

Get a pact signed before that person says no to bar hopping or when you just want to take a walk in the middle of the night.

4- Shouldn't be a control freak 

You don't want to be with a motherly or fatherly figure when you just want to explore the world like a free bird and you are not suppose to act like a calculator just because your travel buddy think you shouldn't be that open.

5- No financial burden please...

Be careful if the person who is nominated to be your travel buddy has a big hole in his pocket. You don't want a part of core memory to remind you again and again that "hey !! He still owes you $10000 ".

Traveling is a soul healing therapy and I am sure you don't your masseur / therapist to experiment his chokeslam on you ;) 

Take a wise decision and enjoy your trip :)