Things You May Not Know About Adelaide – Fun Facts on this Captivating City


The capital of South Australia, Adelaide is a cosmopolitan city with much to offer and here are some facts that offer insights into its beginnings as well as main attractions.

A Colony of Free Settlers

Unlike most other cities in Australia that began as convict colonies, Adelaide was a colony of free European settlers. The city dates to 1836 when a proclamation was announced in Glenelg regarding the establishment of a colony here. It should also be noted, that before this time, the land was inhabited by the Kaurna Aboriginal people.

A Stunning Conservatory

At the Adelaide Botanic Garden, you will find the Bicentennial Conservatory which is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest single-span conservatory. Those staying at holiday apartments Adelaide has to offer in the city centre can easily visit this 100-metre-long curvilinear structure which houses diverse lowland rainforest plants.

Aboriginal Artefacts Galore

Amongst the most popular attractions in Adelaide, the South Australian Museum features the largest collection of Australian Aboriginal artefacts on the planet! At the museum’s Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery, you will come across diverse exhibits including bark paintings and canoes, boomerangs, maps, photographs and more.

The City of Churches

Those exploring Adelaide will understand why one of its nicknames is the “City of Churches” since there are so many. Some of these sacred sites are historical monuments and feature striking architecture and design. Notable sites include Trinity Church Adelaide, St Mary's Catholic Church and St Peter's Cathedral with its impressive twin spires.