Tips For A Long Train Ride, That You May Not Know

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If you do not live in an area where long train rides are a fact of life, you may not know exactly how to handle yourself when you are on one. No worries, we are going to fill you in on some ›important tips that will help you (and those around you) feel more comfortable.


Do not check your luggage. Seasoned train travelers will tell you, there will be plenty of space overhead for your bags and there are other little places you can take advantage of (like the v shaped space created by two seats that are back to back). Take a quality bag and put as much as you can in one bag. You might not have the lightest suitcase on the train, but your things are safe from being lost or stolen. If you want to go "luggage free", there is always an option to send it via plane to your travel destination via Uni Baggage .

But let's get back to the ground - assume there is a thief near your bag during your entire train trip. There probably is not, but if you prepare as if you think there is you are a less likely target. Of course, it is a good idea to lock your bag, but the thief will not know it is locked until after they have gotten it. When you stow your luggage, link the rucksack to the luggage rack. If a thief tries to take it, it will not move and he will move on to his next target.

Try to establish a "buddy" if you are traveling alone. Let him know you will watch his stuff if he will watch yours. Of course, that is not necessary if you are traveling with a companion.

Using the restroom on the train

It cost money to use the restroom at the station. Most people pay their money and take care of their calls of nature before embarking on the tour. Why not wait and use the facilities on the train? That costs you nothing and you rarely have a line of 12 people behind you waiting their turn. But beware, the restrooms on a train are tiny. In fact, they would make a chihuahua feel cramped. But they are free.

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Electric Outlet

While most trains do not, it is becoming more common to ride trains that have electric outlets. Ask if they do. You could be using travel time charging your electronic devices.

Reserved seats

If someone has reserved a set, you may not take it. If it is not marked reserved, it belongs to whoever sits there. But here is a tip. Those tickets explain where and when that person will arrive. You may be getting off before they get on. In a case like that, take the seat.

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Bring food in your bag. The selection of snacks is limited and expensive. Bring drinks as well. Unless you want to buy it. They do sell coffee, water, and soft drinks, but my advice is to toss a couple of bottles of water in your bag.

Train Etiquette

Many people work on a trine. Others just want to relax. You can the tone of the room seconds into it. Respect that and sit quietly, reading or answering emails. If you want a more lively group, follow the noise.

It is not okay to put your feet on the seat across from you. It does not make it more okay by removing your shoes.

If you are having a snack be considerate. Eat politely, with your mouth closed. Eat quietly. Then clean up after yourself.

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