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The Danube is one of the most beautiful and scenic rivers of Austria, offering tourists an exciting and unique traveling experience. The river cruises in Austria are among the most popular tourist attractions in Europe and visitors to the country enjoy many different water rides, sightseeing, and adventure activities during their trip. One of the most popular of these tours is the Austria - Donauturm Tour, which takes travelers on a three-day cruise along the Danube River and includes a stay at the gorgeous castle of Wachau. Several other popular water trips include the Alpendorf and Vasalojavecke Caves, each of which offers its own unique beauty and story.

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The Donauturm, a tower located in Vienna, Austria, is the second highest building in Austria at 250 metres, and the third highest in all of Europe. Opening in 1963, the tower stands near the riverfront in the region of Donaustadt where it is visible from a central location. The Donauturm has become one of Austria's most popular tourist attractions due to its spectacular views of Vienna and surrounding area. Other tourist attractions include museums such as the Hofburg Palace, the State Museum, and the National Museum, besides several other castles and palaces throughout Vienna and Wachau.

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The famous Austrian roller coaster Carousel is another attraction in Wachau, Austria. The tour begins at the Brandenburger Hotel where the giant Ferris wheel is opened to the public for a guided tour. The Carousel is made of glass and metal, with revolving rides that take riders through twisting tracks as they go through different locations in Wachau. The first section of the roller coaster is called "Tunnel". From here, travelers can go on to the "Waterpark", "Museum", and finally end their fun journey at the giant Ferris wheel. Other attractions include the "Wienerbahnhof", " Staadmir", and "Hausladen".

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Another exciting attraction in Wachau, Austria are the many funicular railways that crisscross the city. These railways are constructed of rock, brick, and concrete and spiral up the steep hills of Wachau and into the city of Vienna. Other attractions include the Stiftel, a historic monument in Vienna; the Schlachterbahn, which is Vienna's tallest Ferris wheel; and the Horological Museum, which showcases the most innovative and up-to-date methods of surveying wind velocity and altitude.

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A tourist experience is incomplete without at least visiting the famous Castle on the Danube, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Located in the center of Wachau, on the edge of the river, the Castle is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Wachau, Austria. However, to gain access to the Castle, a visitor must pay an entrance fee that is equivalent to about seven Euros. Other interesting attractions in Wachau, Austria include theuten und schlacht, which is a series of tourist organizations offering activities in a number of different locations; the Brandenburg Gate, which is Germany's tallest public building; the Opera and the Theater, which are considered some of the best in Europe; the Grossmunster, which is one of the most modern art museums in Austria; and the legendary Gothic cathedrals of Wittenberg and Moeschler.

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Tour of the Danube Tower and other popular destinations within Austria are possible through the use of the public transport. The most convenient means of travel is the S-train in Vienna and the Viennese fare. The Euroline Train Station in Salzburg, which is also the fifth largest city within Austria, is also a convenient way of travel for travelers who wish to have a glimpse of the spectacular castle in Wachau. There are also a number of buses traveling between Vienna and Wachau. The most comfortable way of transportation for tourists visiting the Danube is the Viennese ride on the Viennese Buses.