5 Ideas for Romancing a Traveler



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This whole article is just a concoction of contemplation and my thoughts when a guy like who loves to travel extensively falls in love. After numerous heartbreaks, she happened to him and he felt maybe this time he found a companion to travel with both in the most luxurious and creepiest places. But as the relationship started blossoming a dilemma soon overwhelmed my emotional love. I started evaluating the pros and cons of choosing the beautiful girl and my love for travel. I would hate not to be able to travel because my girlfriend is not a travel person but I also worry that I would lose the person I really love and might never find someone like her.

But as I ponder over my thousands of haywire thoughts I believe maybe love and traveling are not two exclusive things and I can actually have both. Believe me I traveled solo few times and I encountered many couples who are living a fulfilling life even after having an itchy feet - some travel together, some partners travel more frequently than the other half, some partners just support their loved ones but eventually, they all are happy. Maybe it seems difficult at first, he or she should understand your desire and passion to travel and supports you to be the best version of yourself. "Forever" is a long time and one cannot pretend to be a different personality every time. Every relationship needs mutual respect, love and encouraging each other's passion.

Being in touch with your loved ones is not tough even if you are miles away thanks to the world-wide web but there are still some age-old ways to maintain your flourishing love life. The below list though seems obvious but it is actually tough to follow them every time.

1. Do enough Skype Chats and Do text often

No matter how much we talk over phone, it is a totally different feeling to watch your loved ones doing silly things. It’s tough to Skype chat and get cozy over the screen in hostel dormitories (As I always prefer hostels than luxury hotels) but you can always plan and schedule a chat around afternoon or evenings when you get the room to yourself.

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Texting forms an integral part and it proves how he/she is updated about your moves. It is not about control, it is about love for the other part to tell about the little things in the travel like train is late by few minutes or about that crazy hipster at hostel with you. You will actually spare very energy and money for that but this will help strengthen your relationship in the long run.

2. Find your own Thrill

Sometimes you feel annoyed that your other half is traveling places and you are stuck in the same old corporate routine. He/ She might be trekking or witnessing the first snowstorm and you are dragging yourself to office through the same traffic. Yes, I agree it feels jealous at times. The best thing to get out of this boredom or jealousy (I know the term is a bit extravagant here) is to try new sports or some new game or maybe learn some new instrument which would actually give you enough things to share with your partner next time you Skype.

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3. Friends

This word can drift your loneliness, sadness and sorrow far away. Hang out with your mutual friends so that the feeling of your partner not in town does not drift you both apart. Keep in touch with at least his/her friends to be in connection with their lifestyle.

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4. Send Surprise Gifts

This is the best thing to make him/her fall for you again. Find the details of his itinerary, calculate the time taken for parcels and send some thoughtful gifts at his/her next location. He/ She will be overwhelmed by that. A small box of chocolates or maybe some winter socks is enough to keep your flame of relationship burning brighter. If your partner is my type, write a letter to him/her. Believe me that is enough to make him/her blush. A handwritten letter is touchable, kissable and an asset for forever.

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5. Plan a Sudden Visit or tag along at times

Sometimes take a leave from your office and surprise your partner to be with him/her at his next destination. Be a part of his/her passion for at least a few days.

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