This Guy Reveals The Secret Of How You Can Travel The World For Free

It is often said that in the end we only regret the chances we don't take. Travel gives you the power to take these chances sometime in your life and explore the world of possibilities awaiting you on the road.
Hitchhiking, volunteering, couch surfing and exchanging skills for money, Tomislav Perko, has done it all and is now ready to share his story. This stock broker from Croatia set out and travelled the world with almost no money. His journey tells us all that to travel the world for free is not a dream but a smart choice we must choose to make. 
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Dear "Tripoto" team ,could you please stop these kind of articles like "travel with no money ","leave your job and travell" what you guyes want to portray here ,there already too many bluffs in the world distroying young generation ,stop being in such list.
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You are that airtel 4g girl
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Tomislav Perko - my inspiration!
Thu 10 29 15, 13:12 · Reply · Report
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Akshat Paritosh Tiwari
thanks a lot for this article..... his speech conveyed more than expected :)
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