Travel Theory II - Bike Ride To Panikot

5th Sep 2021

So what if you are completely into trekking and going out to explore offbeat places with some group travel company or with your friends or as a solo traveler via a different mode of transport like bus, train, flight, etc, and suddenly one day a thought pops up in your head to explore places by going out on a long ride from your bike .

Well something similar happened to me and I started searching nearby places that can be explored by going out on a bike ride outside Delhi and one of the most recommended places by people was Panikotlake, situated in Haryana approx 60kms away from Noida

So I planned to visit Panikot lake along with a friend of mine on a Sunday morning. We left from Noida around 5’o clock in the morning and reached around 6:30

Photo of Panikot Lake, Unnamed Road, Kot, Haryana, India by thetraveltheory

To give you an idea about the route, if you are going from Noida, you have to go take any of the routes which connects at Kalindi Kunj bridge from whichever place you are staying at, from there head towards Badarpur road and take the flyover, you don’t need to take any left or right cut once you are on the flyover, just head straight and once the flyover gets over you need to exit from Exit Number 4 there is a signboard on the highway which you can follow, post that from the service lane you need to take a right from the under pass bridge, head straight and once you reach the circle from there take a left and then just head straight. Once you are inside the village area the roads are a little bumpy so make sure that your bike is in a good condition, also just before the Panikot lake there is one adventure waiting up for you as it’s going to be a completely unexpected kinda experience for you (you can easily find the route on Google Map as well ). Also if you are going by bike you are required to pay any toll charges.

Photo of Badarpur Border Toll Booth, Badarpur, Haryana, India by thetraveltheory

If any one of you are planning to go by your car, in that situation you have to park your car like 1 km away from the location as its difficult to take your car till Panikot and you need to do a bit of hiking as well, in terms of toll charges approximate 100-200 rupee you have to pay extra

I would personally suggest you guys visit this place in the early morning itself and that to by bike Vibes are pretty good over there, you can sit there for some time, chill around with your friends ,do some photoshoot etc. Also, you won’t be getting any vendor shop over there to eat or drink so I would personally suggest carrying your own food and water .

Photo of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India by thetraveltheory

Altogether it’s a good place if you are looking for a short bike ride on a weekend, I and my friend were there for almost an hour, we clicked few pictures, enjoyed early morning breeze, talked to a lot of riders, sat there for quite some time and then decided to leave with some good memories .

So if you are someone who is still thinking to go out for bike rides but not able to decide on a place I would personally suggest you to go to Pankiot lake coz this ride is going to be worth it

Till then Happy Travelling!