Travelling with Grown up Parents- How to?

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PS: This article is not suitable for people above the age of 5. Should parents decide to read it, the author of the article holds no responsibility and they would do so at their own risk.

I recently travelled to Seychelles and South Africa with my "adult" parents. While this is not my first trip with them, the last foreign trip we did was when I was a few months old so that hardly counts right?

Now, let me make something clear. I had a lot of fun on the trip. What's not to like? 24 hours with the parents (yes it's a good things when you only do it over the weekends back home), a new apartment every few days (sometimes every day), several modes of travel including fun road trips, so many activities- beach and animals (who doesn't like a penguin in their face right?) and food. Amazing food! But, all said and done, you have to make sure the parents don't get too comfortable.

Here are a few tips to manage the "grown ups" on a long trip away from home.

Differentiate & Attack

Identify the more vulnerable of the two parents and ATTACK. In my case it was always Papa. All I had to do was one smile or one tear and BAM. This is how I got my supply of chocolates, ice creams and chips.

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Don’t forget to compliment profusely! At our chalet in Hazyview

Always hit them at the weakest moment.

Like when there is a big crowd at a site or at the airport or in a mall. Scream, threaten to cry or if you like non-violence like me, simply lie down at any random place and refuse to budge. They have to eventually give in. Another one of my favourite moments used to be at the end of the day when they would be really tired and I would somehow get an infusion of energy. As soon as you enter a mall or an eatery - RUN. So much fun to see them running after you.

Psst: also try doing potty in the middle of a highway or when you've just sat down for lunch. Always my best weapon. (Just screaming "potty coming" at the top of your lungs works too!).

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When you want to fill your bottle from the crocodile pond and your parents ignore you- at the Cango Ranch in Oudtshoorn

Use that cuteness!

If you are a two year old like me, chances are you're cute. Don't ask why but somehow these grown ups, always find us toddlers cute. So, I say use this to your advantage. Go up and talk to strangers, ask for their names, smile and high five them. You will be surprised at the amount of goodies you can get- cookies, candies, one time the "flight nanny" (yes Etihad claims to have one!) even got me toys!

Sugar, Sugar Baby

So, chances are your parents will cut your sugar intake on the trip. Mine did. As soon as you sit in the car, say you are hungry and then whatever they offer call it spicy (even the non-spicy ones) and ask for something sweet.

Shoplifting is so passé!

Now, I like my shoes too much. I am practically a teenager and I need my pairs don't I? So, the easiest way is to pick up your spoils and put them on- shoes, sunglasses and even toys. Walk to the billing counter shamelessly and smile. Your parents will be too embarrassed to not buy you your stuff now. BINGO!

Make them go weak in the knees.

Ok so while tears may be my strongest weapon, I use them very very sparingly. Mostly I use reverse psychology and give them hugs and kisses. Throw in a couple of "I love yous". Works like a charm ;). Also, when they ask who do you love more- mamma or papa- always say "both"- they can't stop "awww"-ing! Don't forget to say your "Thank-yous", "I am Sorry-es" and "Please". They like to believe they are raising you well :).

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He is sometimes cute though! At Brenton-on-Sea in Knysna

Oh by the way- don't tell them this but I am already looking forward to our next trip together!

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My Ajay Devgan moment in Seychelles

Sloppy Kisses you Guys!!

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