Uncharted glimpse of Kokan


Travel is the integral part of my life. I always like travel to explore and not to b a traveler. Go enhance the beauty of the place, feel it, connect with it. So this time my husband came up with this place called Machli farm stay. I was not so keen to go there and visit but he made my mind somehow and we went.

Machli is the place located in Parule which is almost 8 hrs drive From Pune however worth visiting. The small tiny village is surrounded by sea and trees of betel nuts and coconuts.

There is lot to say about Machli farm stay and I really don't know from where to start. I don't mind calling it a man made heaven by Mr. Pravin Samant. He has developed his farm into farm stay. He has small huts with 3 star services. The motto was not to cut the single tree and built it and he did it wonders.

We took holiday for 3 days and left for Parule in Sindhudurg district. The journey was bit tiring yet beautiful from Pune to Machli farm stay. It's a best place to be. It has small water canal and the bamboo bridge built on it will lead you to go to your huts from main Rd. There are 5 to 6 no of beautifully made huts which are totally wooden. They provide you cozy bed and other amenities where you don't feel like you are in small rural town of Sindhudurg. Every hut has different entry. I could say as they have maintained the privacy of each family or guest. They serve totally mouth watering dishes of fresh fishes. The veg food is equally lip smacking. The farm itself is a dens mini forest. They have ample of vegetables grown in so we get fresh and totally I repeat totally organic food. The best part was in the food was Solkadhi .The authentic kokani food you will get here which are tremendously tasty. There is team of almost 6 people in the kitchen they make excellent food with ample of varieties. The kitchen was so damn clean and tidy. People took care of each guest like a family member. They will sit with you chit chat while you are having lunch or dinner. They have unique serving equipments like mud pots, wooden spoons, plates and bowls made by betel nut leaves and serving spoon was made of coconut shell and bamboo stick.

Such a tiny village has so much to offer - clean beaches, different shivkalin forts, and down to earth people.

Below are the list I have visited-

1. Nivati Beach - It’s as good as private beach of people who stays around. The road to this beach is through the small houses around. When we reached the spot and was not able to find the road a lady helped us to lead the beach through their small houses. And the beauty was unexplored and explainable.

2. Khavane Beach - Mesmerizing view of the beach it was! Coconut trees and rocky beach

3. Bhogve Beach - Again a rocky beach with nice sitting arrangement. And to be be you.

4. Vengurle Port- Must visit place . You can have panoramic view of the see from the light house. To visit the lighthouse it is a small teak which can be complete in 20 min max

All beaches are around 30 kms radius.

Where ever you see a sign board of the beach you can just go you have ample of options of beaches. Every beach is equally beautiful.

Apart from that it has couple of temples in the town itself on walking distance.

1. Adinarayan Mandir - very clean n peaceful place to be

2. Vetoba Mandir- A huge stachu of lord vetoba. They have huge Kolhapuri chappals displayed in the mandir which has been I guess offering to God from its followers.

This town has all the advanced technology however these technologies has not ruled over people was the best lesson to learn.

The simple living of the people made me jealous of them. They have fewer necessities and they are not ruled by anyone. They are their own boss. And they are living happily in what they have. And it made me think how beautiful life is and we have ruined it by expectation, technologies, labeling ourselves Where we can just spend it being simple. And came back home with the lesson of be simple be free set people free live your dreams. Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

So guys ditch Goa this time and trust me you won't regret .

Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 1/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
The dining area
Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 2/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 3/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
Dinner buffet
Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 4/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 5/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
Bhogave Beach
Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 6/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
Bhogave Beach
Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 7/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
on our way to Nivati Beach
Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 8/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
Nivati Beach
Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 9/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
Nivati Beach
Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 10/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
Nivati Beach
Photo of Uncharted glimpse of Kokan 11/11 by Tejashree Tekawade
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