Use of GPS might get you in trouble #scarystory

7th Mar 2014

We all know that GPS is quiet useful in Navigating places when you are lost or misguided or new to some place. But, do you know it can lead you to serious troubles as well sometimes. don't be surprised, yes it does happened with me not once but twice. :)

This story is from my Goa trip back in 2014 March. 6 of us had planned to visit Goa which was my first ever trip with friends and later it comes out to be solo travel from Delhi to Goa in terms of reaching the places as i was late in convincing my parents and the flights of friends were booked and i was left alone :P so i travelled alone both sides.

Photo of Goa, India by Neha jain
Day 1

So, Long story short, I left from Delhi in train to Mumbai, reached Mumbai next morning. Visited my cousin and saw few places there. Then on same day, i left for Goa from Mumbai. Reached Mudgaon next day and from there i reached Anjuna where our hotel was booked. 4 of us were staying near Anjuna and 2 were staying near Calangute beach.

So, on our arrival to Goa, we had hired 3 bikes for 6 of us. And we roamed around Goa on those bikes only. So, the story started when on 2nd day we all 6 visited Baga Beach to roam around and to have our Dinner. We had a lot of fun and around 10pm, we left for our hotels. 4 of us were on 2 bikes moving towards Anjuna area and 2 of us went to their way to calangute area.

It was new moon night, hence no moonlight was there. We were on our way to and after 30mins we realize we were running our a round path. I guess we covered that path twice. Irony was that there was no body on roads from whom we could have asked the directions. All homes in the vicinity were closed and people i guess had already in their sleep mode. Then, we saw a big hotel and a security guard was sitting from whom we asked in which area we were nd he said, we are near Baga Beach. So, last 30/40 mins ride was circular in same area. The petrol in our bike were almost over. We asked the directions from him and he gave us a bit of Idea. we started following it. After 15 mins, we decided to use GPS. So, we stopped our biked on road side and one of us started looking in map. As soon as he locked his phone, nothing was visible. It was a bit scary. Reason being, lights of bikes were also off and there was no street lights on the road. One of us literally skipped a beat :D and shouted a bit as she was really really scared of dark.

Ok, we started following the GPS directions as it was looking to be best option at that time.

One thing i forgot to mention is that our hotel was on a hilly road. This is really going to play a part in this night, a really important part i should say.

after travelling for next 15/20 mins, GPS directed us to take a left, which was a uphill road. We stooped and discussed and concluded that this uphill must will lead to top from where downhill will start and we will reach our hotel. So, we started running our biked on that uphill. it was a forest kind of area (somewhat similar to our hotel location). We kept moving for appx 3 kms. It was bit scary as there were noises of animals and trees and dry leaves and what not. After moving for around 20 mins, we were shocked to see the DEAD END. The girl in our group was scared to core now and she said, take a U turn asap. We somehow managed to take the u turn as it was a very narrow path and slippery too. the downhill ride was even scariest to us. By the time we touched the road, we were like half dead. Then some how we managed to reach our hotel and it was 12.30 am by that time. We 4 slept in same room that day. It was that scary for us. And next day we were laughing out hearts out on this series on events.