Magnolia : The Poet of Himalayas

Photo of Magnolia : The Poet of Himalayas 1/6 by Rahul Sarkar

As I believe. walk in Nature is a walk of peace. Everyone must make a time to dwell among their fears, complexes and silent happiness by travelling in the dome but living on the edge itself. When I entered this happening town where cross culture is a fashion but language was a monopoly, a peculiar identity crisis gulped me in unconscious moment, Suddenly , it was realised that the commencement has been going well and I am adapting quite greatly.

Photo of Magnolia : The Poet of Himalayas 2/6 by Rahul Sarkar
Photo of Magnolia : The Poet of Himalayas 3/6 by Rahul Sarkar

The aura of the place has everything to do with its people and their behaviour. Coming to know about the flora of this very connecting town though solitary , I heard from my guide that, there is a flower named Magnolia which blossoms in the late March up to early June and a very common but to me was a queer fact was that it blossoms from low lands to higher altitude.

Photo of Magnolia : The Poet of Himalayas 4/6 by Rahul Sarkar

Sublimely I realised that it was more than a mere flower, may be it has started so many stories. There it may have created that bond between a school girl and a rustic boy. And I could get that flavour from my guide's blushed cheeks. Magnolia has a descriptive and a emotive nature where it can express everything in one smile. Loving or being indifferent had turned into peace when this flower had intervened. Like it rises from that cocoon of greatness on to the solitary and yet mesmerizing mountains. This changes are references to the vast sea of human senses where a one chooses to be with another one with everything they had but ends up in the lonliness yet to be joyful but with maturity. It is quite funny to be referred an old to be complete but that ageing has to be with some validation of creativity in life and different sides of a life.

Photo of Magnolia : The Poet of Himalayas 5/6 by Rahul Sarkar

In a very cloudy morning at Manebhanjan, I saw a school which happened to be in a valley and beside Singalila National Park, different villages send their buds here to have their part in life. One day a girl was coming through the downhill of Chitrey to this school, and after seeing the lass , a boy with strange attitude which had nothing to do with his being, tried to converse a bit. But the ringing bell could ruin that desire in a moment. He did not give up though his eyes were stuck in that building which became his love as if it was his everything and he could leave anything to get there. In the afternoon when cloud was not any hindrance, the boy went straight up to the girl and gave her a poet, Magnolia. He told her, "I am giving you my poet to make you his muse." It was everything which could bring a smile to that girl. On the next day the boy stood on that cliff side fro where he could be living or dead, the girl came but with a paper on her hand. saying "I mused your poet".

Photo of Magnolia : The Poet of Himalayas 6/6 by Rahul Sarkar