On the First Ascent to Spirituality (Sandakphu Trek)

Photo of On the First Ascent to Spirituality (Sandakphu Trek) 1/3 by Rahul Sarkar
Photo of On the First Ascent to Spirituality (Sandakphu Trek) 2/3 by Rahul Sarkar
Photo of On the First Ascent to Spirituality (Sandakphu Trek) 3/3 by Rahul Sarkar

Quite a way, the first morning in Manebhanjan , the border town of India and Nepal, where interestingly if someone's house is in Nepal but his owned land must be in India , was a worth roaming. Though I had rushed to start my first walk in the Singalila National Park, I got some time to scribble among that harmonious shrine where the Hindu temple is embedded with Buddha imagery, I mean literally it does not happen in big cities generally because the city size does not matter but what does matter is the heart and soul. I must not deviate certainly . People of this town largely depend up on the trekkers business and around it. Gazen , my guide, gave me some crucial information which supported my inference of the economic structure. Actually the shops are not general shops but bouquets for travelers, I saw so many faces even with bursting expectations that their life is not much of an independent but dependable to the roamers.

When I started off by that steep road up to Chitrey , I saw some school kids coming downwards to attend the school and they were collecting Magnolia , a magnificent flower looked like an unearth object. These small happiness are I guess foe to another parallel upgraded life style. I was amazed that they walk with rhododendrons every season, they listen to the silence of the hills every second, though I took the full opportunity, but it was never fulfilling. Talking about that strangely beautiful flower , my guide told me that it starts blooming from the lower altitudes to the higher, and perfectly I witnessed that. I am not saying that I was the only one but I can say I was the lonely observer.
Riding on that hairpin road, it reminded me of a very dearly poem by Christina G Rossetti , UPHILL
                                       "Does the road wind up-hill all the way?
                                                         Yes, to the very end.
                                         Will the day’s journey take the whole long day?
                                                         From morn to night, my friend.
.............                          Shall I find comfort, travel-sore and weak?
                                                         Of labour you shall find the sum.
                                         Will there be beds for me and all who seek?
                                                         Yea, beds for all who come. "    
After crossing the shades of terrain, we headed to the Chitrey Gompa, among those Wishing wheels and prayer flags, there was peace which I tried to bring to the "real" life but couldn't. And there was a phrase written rather I would call it a message to all living beings.
                       " May travelers upon the road
                 Find happiness no matter where they go
                And may they gain, without the need of toll,
                 The goals on which they set their hearts"
This post was originally published on 'Walker of Peace'.