17th Jun 2021

Everyone has watched apocalypse movie where the human race comes to a scary end and only few are left to survive. There is always this scene in all the apocalypse movies where they show the abandoned cities, no human in sight, Cars parked unevenly, shops closed. Surprisingly calming and scary silence and only noise that comes are from the leaves swishing the road with the uneven flow of wind.

Something same I got to experience in Delhi when I dared to step out of the house with my dear friend and my brothers girlfriend during covid for a afternoon walk.

As we walked around Central Delhi streets and very famous Connaught place we saw some interesting sights, with all the shops closed and few human in sight, it was once in a lifetime thing. Being the resident of Central Delhi, I never knew Connaught place was filled with such interesting graffiti art all over the shops and restaurant of Delhi. We were seeing a different side to reality.

As we sat on a bench talking about it, having our coconut water we bought from the only working grocery shop looking at a famous #Ajtak reporter- reporting live 20 steps far from us. We were harassed by a couple of children beggars. They refused to leave till we gave them our drinks and snack and it was only after a police men came and scolded them that they left us alone, we looked at each other with the look "somethings never change" and really somethings NEVER change. C.P has a very big population of beggars that seem to harass everyone in view especially the white people. It was always difficult to take a peaceful walk with my white friend but even the pandemic couldn't change that.

But we did took beautiful portraits in front graffiti work!! that without pandemic would have been impossible.

Photo of WALKING THE ABANDONED DELHI! 1/1 by Shivornia Photography