Reasons why travelling is the best thing ever!!

28th Aug 2015

While travelling you explore yourself more than places. 

When you travel to unknown lands, you explore yourself more than the places you visit. It is said that education is an art of self introspection, so when you introspect yourself while travelling you get educated too.

You become a storyteller.

Always you have number of stories about different places, people and culture. If you travel to different places around the world, you meet up different people and come to know about different communities.

Stress reliever.

If you are fed up of your regular office routines and are living only for weekends, travelling to different places is stress reliever for you. You should visit different places like hill stations, beaches, historical places, unexplored cities and deserts too. Every place has it's own charm of attracting you more and more towards it and travellers know it very well.

You start loving yourself. 

You start loving yourself when you travel the world. You get out of all complicated relationships and travel becomes your love. So let's travel the world and love yourself. You start giving priority to your passion and living your life in a better way.

Better decision makers. 

You get a lively life if you love to travel. The person who travels a lot is always lively and cheerful. He will always act in a tactful manner to understand your problems and giving solutions. They meet a lot of people while travelling and they know how to handle the folks! So if you need an advice, contact a traveller. 

Think different. 

Travellers have a different thinking - be it in their professional lives or personal one's. You just go through a mobile phone of a traveller and you will find apps such as Tripoto, IRCTC, Goibibo,Yatra etc. instead of dating apps. So if you ho through a mobile phone of a traveller you can find bookings, bookings and bookings.

Easily acceptable.

Travellers are the one's who consider their life as a journey mad up of different small journeys. They meet a lot of people and socialise with them and hence they are quiet adjusting and acceptable by all. So you should date a guy who loves to travel. :D

Spend effectively.

They know how to spend effectively and have maximum fun with limited resources or in your limited budgets. You just tell your budget and they have a weekend destination for you. You will love to be with them and learn a lot from them. So if you wish to be a backpacker, our community welcomes you all. 
"Life is a journey and we should live it like a journey made up of many small journeys."