What Type Of Traveller Are You?


The best part about travelling is getting to know and meeting different kinds of personalities, and it’s certain that everyone views the same destination in many different ways. Undoubtedly, travelling is one of the finest jobs to do, but I guess it’s not easy to fully understand the type of traveller we are! Let me tell you the type of travellers that live in us, between us and you can find out for yourself - maybe one or more - discover who you are!

5 points for getting it right, on each! Ready?

#1. Family Traveller

Much of a family person? – This could be you, always bonded to travel with family! As an escapist by nature, you like exploring places for tranquility and simplicity. You favour stress-free, not-so-adventurous travel time with your family and short breaks from time to time is your best bet! With family, things are rarely planned in advance, so when you get a chance, you choose to utilise the time as much as possible.

#2. Spontaneous Traveller

You are an absconder and can also be much of an adventure-sports traveller! Spontaneous travellers exist along a gamut – often found hopping from one ticket counter to another, packing and unpacking their travel back packs, and browsing through one travel website to another for a quick pick deal. This breed is not commonly found, but if you are the one and have like-minders, you’re not alone! Travelling can be a delightful delusion, at any hour, solo or in a group, for anything at all – boredom, conflict, failure, celebration, you name it!

#3. Idealist Traveller

You’d assume that your trip would be a break from your usual routine, but not for travellers who love to plan their trip much in advance. They accept nothing but perfection, even if that means following the same routine during the trip. They’ll set an alarm, wake up on their usual time, and carve out a plan for the day. Despite being encircled by irresistible local meals, travelers from this category travel miles finding their ideal McDonald’s because “let’s play safe, who knows how the local cuisine would taste.” No time for any experiments!

#4. Classic Traveller

Travellers in this category can be termed as ‘tourists’ and if you want to find your way to the most-known, popular places, tagging along with such travellers is the best option. Often found indulging into the typical clichéd tourist activities (couple poses at the Taj Mahal or wearing floral shirts by the beach in Goa) – if you are someone who enjoys the touristy list of things to do, this is you! Also, seen than said, these travelers pretty much need no company, but a tour guide and a city map to make sure that none of the city’s must-see destinations are left out! If you love to discover unknown attractions, experience off-beaten activities, then find yourself another umbrella!

#5. Selfie Obsessed Traveller

Selfie-obsessed travellers are universally found and they’re most thrilled by the way they look on cameras. Different angles, different backgrounds, different attires, and with different people every time, they travel not for self-pleasure but for social acceptance and projection. Well, they can also be great solo-travellers. So, don’t be surprised if you find an entire portfolio instead of a photo album from their trip, ‘cause somewhere secretly we’ve all done that. Don’t you agree?

So, have we described the type of traveller you are? – Tell us your score in the comments below!