Writer in me!

Photo of Trail to Triund Hill, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Mayank Goyal

It is the beauty that keeps living in me and keeps dying outside.. so...

when this world will crumble piece by piece and bit by bit..

when the storms will rush down and destroy everything..

when the seas, the rivers and the oceans will rise to sink everything and carry every remain..

when the land will shatter to fill and kill every living soul..

when the sound of the wind will fill everyone's ear and howls will fill everyone in fear..

when the sky will turn smokey black and the mountains will be all red.

when there will be no sun in the morning and no moon in the night

when the stars will be gone too far, for us to gaze in the sky..

when there will be dark all around and lightning will be our ultimate source of vision..

that is.. When this world will end..

I will be waiting for that beauty to be reborn..