Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des


Udaipur - the city of lakes

I was so excited to the see and feel the glorious Rajasthan, well it was my first North indian trip. The place where i used to see in pictures and think, when will i see this beauty through my eyes.

Then the day arrived, it was in the month of Feb, 2020, the feb was fab for me, because i had travelled all the weekends of that month. Indeed Fab Feb!

The Journey started with my engg friends from Bangalore, we had booked a flight and we reached Udaipur in the after noon around 1pm. We thought we should have reached early morning to not waste the day time, but provided the weekend there was no right flight schedule. We had a list of places to visit as none of us travelled Udaipur before. The plan was to visit only Udaipur for 3 days and explore all the possible places.

By the time we reached Udaipur, we booked a Uber from the airport and i was sitting in the front seat as i was excited to know the best time to visit few places from the driver. I made a brief list with the time he mentioned and it was the lunch time, so we basically explored the food place that we wanted to have our first lunch in Udaipur. The driver took us to the "Khamma Ghani" restaurant, the name implies, the greetings, 'welcome', like how sweet is that. We were all damn hungry and we had "laal maas" which is a famous dish in Rajasthan. The food was very delicious with no doubt(we forgot to click pictures of it, as we were starving :p), but yeah the place was surrounded with the lakes and with amazing view of Lake Pichola.

Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des 1/6 by Bhavya shetty

We headed to our accomodation which was facing towards Lake Pichola with our all luggages, it was fun ;p. We had to go to the opposite side we see in the above picture! See what i had clicked on the way! Also i met cute doggos :)

Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des 2/6 by Bhavya shetty
Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des 3/6 by Bhavya shetty

Once i reached to my room, i had a very different experience which is living in the middle of the lake, basically we can do everything we want to surrounded by lakes. We got dressed up for our evening event which is very famous in Rajasthan, the different types of dance styles and puppet show.

We headed towards, "Bagore ki haweli", on the way , there were a lot of shopping items, jewelleries, jhootis, show pieces and what not! Reserving it for later, we reached the location, with the shining sun welcoming us and till the time the show starts, we enjoyed the sunset, the pigeons and the live music. The soothing vibe all around!

Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des 4/6 by Bhavya shetty

The evening show started with audience batch wise and when we entered, the lights inside, the stage and it was an amazing ambience all together.

It started with the famous song, "Padharo mhare des..." and when the people entered with costumes was mesmerizing, when they started dancing and showing us their unique styles, it was completely a new story and we enjoyed it to the fullest!

Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des 5/6 by Bhavya shetty

While returning back to room, we explored places for dinner and we found an gorgeous place with lake view again and it was in the night! Oh the lovely night, lights in the dark is beautiful and also with the food. It was basically the dinner by lake side and the whole view is so so romantic! Truly my type :p

Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des 6/6 by Bhavya shetty
Day 2

The day 2 started with beautiful sunrise and we all geared up to see new places the whole day.

Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des by Bhavya shetty

We had breakfast and headed towards "City Palace" Udaipur, to see and feel the Royal affair, No doubt it was! Each and every view and things seen through my eyes, oh my god, so elegant!

Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des by Bhavya shetty

We had lunch, explored few other places such as Saheli ki baari, Museums, sunset view at Sajjangarh palace in the hill top. See the famous rajasthani dish "Dal baati churma", it looks so yummy, also it tastes yum yum!

Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des by Bhavya shetty
Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des by Bhavya shetty
Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des by Bhavya shetty
Day 3

By the third day, we had explored all the possible places and we had to see the history time stories, which we used to read in our history books stories, Maha rana Pratap Singh stories and his freedom fights in a different ways, arts, animated videos, demo videos etc. It was fun! We had to return back to Airport, we had some time with camels, like starring at them and then we had to say good bye, saving it for later!

Photo of Udaipur - Padharo Mhare Des by Bhavya shetty

This will be my one of the fav places ever i have travelled. I am still waiting to see the whole Rajasthan beauty. Fingers crossed!

Go see and feel this seamless Rajasthan beauty and have your own beautiful experience. The moments are indeed to be bookmarked!