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10th Aug 2015
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My UK Diaries !


A bag full of memories,gifts,chocolates.

5 days spent exploring the beautiful english cities.

A trip to London could just not be complete without a visit to the london eye and a panoramic view of the london city.The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. Also known as the Millennium Wheel.There is mostly a huge queue to visit this place. The fast track entry are slightly expensive.This attraction is not a part of the london pass too.

A stop by big ben on the way to london eye is definitely worthy.Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, and often extended to refer to the clock and the clock tower.You can get good shots of the big ben from the Parliament Square across the street opposite big ben.

We began our london sightseeing with Piccadilly.A few minutes at this spot will get you a feel of the london city. At the center of the Circus stands the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain. It was built in 1893 to commemorate Lord Shaftesbury, a philanthropist known for his support of the poor.

Trafalgar Square is a public space and tourist attraction in central London, built around the area formerly known as Charing Cross. It is from here you would get a glimpse of the londons Great Bell the big ben.The national art gallery is just behind this square.There are plenty of cafes around this place incase you would like to sip in some hot coffee or use free wifi ;)

The palace is the London residence and principal workplace of the monarchy of the United Kingdom.Incase you are around at 11 am you could watch the change of guards. Spend some time in the royal gardens.

Harrods is an upmarket department store located on Brompton Road. A quick stole to indulge in the luxury. This store also houses the Godiva chocolates (Godiva is a manufacturer of premium chocolates) A hot chocolate here could be worthy.Don't miss to take a picture with the Harrods Bear.

Walk down talking pictures with your favourite stars. Also enjoy the special 4D super hero's short film. You could also grab some hot cappuccinos at neros at the exit.

Explore beautiful St George's Chapel and the State Apartments. You could be luck enough to witness the changing of guard too.

A walk through this city would help you get the best shots of your trip. More like an european city. With parks gardens all over.

A traditional english lunch at one of the oldest pubs The George Inn in lacock.Dont miss the fish and chip and the pasta.

A step into England's History.

Tower Bridge Exhibition an newly added attraction helps you indulge into the days of construction of the bridge. Enjoy the breath taking views from the glass floors a top the tower. A special visit to the engine rooms to view the engineering behind the huge architecture.

A visit to the museums at the tower of London. A glimpse of the Kohinoor and the rich english treasure.

Heathrow called "The busiest airport in the United Kingdom" You would experience this upon arrival.There is an rail link connecting Heathrow and London city. This could work out cheaper and convenient. This Heathrow Express has free wifi too.

The Oyster card! A boon to ease travel in London.

Hop in and hop off the undergrounds, buses all with this magical card. This will definitely ease all your local travel concerns in the city.

There are several offers on buying this card with the London Pass.

London Pass - a sightseeing pass for tourists. It consists of a smart card which entitles the holder fast track entries to several attractions (Definitely not all ;)

You could choose either of these depending on your duration of stay and travel needs while in London.

Once you get your Oyster card in place you are unstoppable. Explore London by bus,underground or walk.

Notes to help you plan your days in london better.

Piccadilly Circus,Trafalgar Square,Big Ben,London Eye could be your plan for one day.

Walking through the streets towards Big ben would defiantly take you to your next destination the London eye.

A short walk away is the Trafalgar Square. From the trafalgar you would get glimpses of the Big Ben. By now you would have added Big Ben on your list for the day.

Buckingham Palace the London residence of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. You could plan reaching the palace at 11am to view the changing of guards.

You could reach the Piccadilly Circus from where ever you stay with the convenient underground.

There are plenty of other attractions close to the London eye which you can choose post the London panoramic tour.

For Indians, the visit to the Kohinoor could be significant for we have read so much about this in our school.

Tower of london and the Crown Jewel could get some place on your list of todo's.

The Tower Bridge is also one latest attractions with the exclusive glass floor.

A visit to the luxurious Harrods stores off Brompton Road. There are a couple of stores down the same lane for some shopping just incase you don't find your choice at Harrods ;)

Tussad's is another very famous attraction. Step in to get a picture with your favourite stars. From sports to Bollywood to Obama picture yourself with just everyone.

A step into the England's History!

A country side day tours covering the bath,stonehenge,lacock and the Windsor Castle. The heritage at Windsor, the beautiful and special UNESCO World Heritage site bath, an english pub lunch at Lacock and not to forget the Stonehenge.

Not to miss cruising the Thames and enjoying a view of the spectacular city. Great attractions on either sides. And picture of tower bridge and the Shards.

IMPORTANT Checklist:

Oysters Travel Card

London Pass (Free entry to great attractions)

An umbrella and your favourite jacket as the english weather is just unpredictable.

Things not to miss :

Grab London's best fish & chip combo.