The "Airport" Terminal

Day 1

Super long wait time at airport bugs almost everyone. Well, constant travelers use these hacks to kill time at airport. Depending upon whether you are backpacking alone or on a business trip or with family/friends, try the following stuff next time you are stuck at a terminal.

~ Up for some social work and networking? Help others navigate through the big terminals by showing them directions 👈 👉 👆 👇 or giving a hand with their huge luggages 🛅 💼

~ Buy Duty Free stuff from the various shops right from the airport. This really helps if you didn't have the time to shop for your loved ones at your destination. Also saves a bit of your luggage space.

~ Already bought all that you need? Simply start window shopping! Go try that perfume you always have seen on magazines/websites. Go try the dresses/jewelry to find something you like. Or simply start reading the summary of the bestsellers books and make sure if you really want to buy it. Read about the age old wine bottle kept for sale.

~ Lot of airports offer many free stuff. Make use of it! Could be the free 15 min massage chairs or a new game kept for free. There are terminals which allow you to do local calls for free or for a minimal amount of charge. Also free browsing of the internet for 30min etc. You can use this option if you didn't have the time to research on the place before your trip and can find nearby places to visit or famous tourist attractions in the area.

~ Few airports allow you to access the VIP Lounge area or other private lounges which offer great services like spa and other games or activities for a minimal amount.

~ Check any offers on your Credit or Debit card for the various benefits in airports.

~ Try out the local cuisine! Every airport will have many eatery joints which offer local food, try if the names of the dishes fascinate you.

~ Use the free Wi-Fi available at almost all the terminals. Be careful not to browse any financial/banking related services because not all open networks are secure enough.

~ Finish your long time pending novel/book. It's a great way to kill the time in a super efficient way.

~ Take up a course. There would be many hourly based crash courses which you can take up at the terminals. There would be charging ports in every nook and corner of the gates of the terminal. Use them effectively.

~ Socialize...! Talk to the fellow passengers if they are willing. If they are giving you one word answers or weird stares then please don't bother them.:) If not, get to know them and talk about the general stuff but don't probe too much into their personal life.

~ Search for the information desk! This is the place where you can get most of your travel queries answered and also get more free stuff!! Maps, discount vouchers, brochures, information about various events and concerts currently going on... All these are available for free at this place. You can also book tickets and other event bookings at the same place (atleast few airports allow that).

~ Exchange your currency if need be. Airports are the right place to exchange your currency to the local one if you are traveling internationally. They offer you the right prices and don't overcharge or cheat you with the exchange rates.

~ Search for public transportation if any for your transit from airport to the heart of the city. The private services are usually overpriced (even 1:10 at times).

~ Before I forget, easy and fun stuff to do is to "click pics". Click selfies 🤳, time-lapse videos 📹, slow-mo videos and what not... Explore all the features of your phone or your D/SLR. There is no better place to do that :)


Photo of The "Airport" Terminal by Apoorva Sheshagiri
Photo of The "Airport" Terminal by Apoorva Sheshagiri
Photo of The "Airport" Terminal by Apoorva Sheshagiri
Photo of The "Airport" Terminal by Apoorva Sheshagiri