Best cures from around the world 

15th Jan 2019

Source: Grazia Daily

Photo of Best cures from around the world by Sonal Agarwal

Having a hangover while travelling is not a good idea. It can hamper your travel plans and can cost you a lot. This does not mean that you should avoid getting drunk while travelling to some of the most happening places in the world, this only means that you should be aware of what to eat after a drunken night in a foreign land. Knowing local cuisine can be of immense help when you are trying to fight a severe headache. So, here is a list of some regional hangover dishes from all over the world that will come handy after the party.

English drinks can hit the spot too hard sometimes. What is a better way to cure a hangover than a full English Breakfast with eggs, toast, sausages, bacon, baked beans and stir-fried vegetables. This heavy breakfast will effectively help you get out of bed as it increases the blood sugar levels in the body.

The best solution to a hangover is a soup in Thailand. When in Thailand or any nearby country in Southeast Asia, order yourself a bowl of Pho. Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup with rice noodles and beef that helps rehydrate and increase salt levels in the body. This soup should be your go-to food after any drunken night in Thailand.

The American cure to a hangover is not as appetising as English or Thai. They prefer a stronger remedy to the problem, which is another cocktail. This is called Prairie Oyster. This version of traditional American hangover cure consists of raw eggs, tea, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and Tabasco sauce and tomato juice. As weird as it sounds, this cocktail will bring you to the normal life really quick.

The local brew Raki is a must try here. However, if it gets too much then get yourself a Kokoretsi. Locals in Turkey take their hangover food very seriously. They have a special dish that takes care of hangover easily. Kokoretsi is a sandwich filling made from grilled lamb or sheep intestines which does the work. It is not allowed to sell this dish in European Union countries.

Australians prefer their hangover food all gooey. They go for slices of bread with a generous spread of vegemite which is a concentrated form of yeast and lots of cheese to go with it. This extra dose of grease helps to tackle a headache and increase the sugar levels.

Koreans know how to deal with too much of drink quite efficiently. The Haejangguk soup, which means Chase back the Hangover, proves that how much you needed to know this before going to South Korea. This soup consists of pork, congealed ox blood and several vegetables. It might disgust some, but it's still better than eating intestines.

It is not possible to get to Vegas and not have a hangover. Apart from the general American cocktail, locals here have made special arrangement called Hangover Heaven Bus. This bus charges you to get you rehydrated by injecting vitamins and other required minerals. This bus will help you get ready for the next party in minutes. They have a hangover specialist on board too!

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