First adventurous trip of my life #TravelAdventure2019

29th Nov 2019
Photo of First adventurous trip of my life #TravelAdventure2019 1/1 by Ar Aakanksha Singh Chawdhary
First time felt like a bird while flying
Day 1

After a hectic life and inhaled a lot of pollution of Delhi I decided to go for a trip on Hills for fresh air and for some peace of mind. I took direct bus from Delhi to Mussoorie and booked my hotel at village Bhatta which is 8 kmtrs. far from Mussoorie. I thought I would relax myself for next 2 days and have lot of shopping and sight seen. So I reached at my hotel at 6 o'clock in the morning and decided to go for Bhatta Falls which was near by my hotel, Gun Hill Point and Mussoorie Lake. While reaching Bhatta Falls my taxi driver told me take either rope way or I can go down by myself also. So I decided to go by rope way because I was not in a mood to take any physical stress (because I came here to relax myself ) and after looking the natural beauty of that waterfall I was mesmerized and it seem like I got some types of energy in my body. And then my next destination was Mussoorie Lake and as I entered inside the gate of lake a kid came to me ask that are you interested in paragliding. And I was like oh no! I can't. I doesn't want any type of activity and even I haven't done it before because I have phobia of height. But that kid was fall behind me, then my driver said that madam, at least try once.. how worst the end would be but you are not going to die, at least you should try once. I thought; Oh my god, what would if I got faint. But after a lot of thoughts and gained lot of courage I decided to complete this task for my fear of height. And as soon as that person was tying harness on my legs and hand I was continuously chanting Oh god save me today and I hold my harness very tightly from my hand ... But at once my wing opened up and I opened up my eyes and I was flying on the air and I could really able to assume the world from the birds eye view and the air was directly touching my face, I was open to see as far as I can from my eyes. Everyone was looking to tiny. It was really different experience from sitting in plane. After some time when I landed to the ground and at that point I suddenly realize that Oh have done it and then I saw that face of that child .. he was smiling and seems like he was feeling proud on me. At the end of the I was very happy and felling like that it was an achievement of my life.

Felt so proud for soldiers while crossing Burma Border

Photo of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India by Ar Aakanksha Singh Chawdhary
Day 2

For the next morning I had decided to go to Dhanaulti which is 60 Kmtrs, away from Mussoorie. My driver drops me at Eco Park of Dhanaulti. It was a very silent place, only the thing was chirping of birds which was sounds like a soothing music around the atmosphere. There I had some Pakora and tea for snacks and then I was just roaming around and clicking photographs and suddenly again I reached at the corner where some activities were going on. And then this time I decided by myself that at the end of this year 2019 I will win over my height fear. And I climb on Burma Border activity. So, as I have decided to fight with my fear I climbed but as I reached at center of the line and at that time I was sweating in the winters like anything. Once I had decided to go back and I started cursing myself that how this stupid comes in my mind. And I was standing at the centre of that span and was not able to decide what should I do?. Today here is no one to boost my stamina. But suddenly I kept clam myself and told my self I have to win I have to this and I have to defeat my fear. And then very slowly I step forward without looking back and finally I was able to successfully complete my task. And finally at the end of my unplanned adventurous trip I can say that I have defeated one of my fear through the end of this year 2019 and for the next year again I will try defeat many of fears and do more adventurous.