Five friends, 3 days, 1 road trip #TravelGoal

13th May 2020
Photo of Five friends, 3 days, 1 road trip #TravelGoal by Manish Sharma

Five friends, 3 days, 1 road trip- I knew that nothing would be 'normal' about this trip. We had started from Dehradun, and the clouds were brutally pouring heavy rains on us. We knew this wasn't going to be easy, but the thrill to take this road trip was constantly pumping adrenaline in our bodies. While riding we went through mostly everything one could imagine- heavy rainstorm, muddy and slippery roads and landslides but our boys were unstoppable. Finally, after 24 hours of riding, we thought of taking a halt exactly 32 km far from Chopta. We were in Ukhimath around two in the morning, looking for a place to sleep on a street where we couldn't even spot a dog. We looked up in three lodges, but all of them were closed. At one point we had almost decided to rest in the corner of the street. But we gave one final shot and went up to another lodge. My friend called on the number mentioned on the lodge’s board. An old man (he was probably 60) came out from the lodge and asked us to come in. To us, he was like God! The five of us made ourselves comfortable there and the night went peacefully. The next day we went to have lunch at a dhaba; in Chopta itself; where we had the yummiest meal of our lives and asked them if we could leave our backpacks and other things which are not necessary for trekking and camping to which they said. "Arre sir rakho rakho koi pareshani nahi hai"( yeah sir leave it we will take care of it). We were overwhelmed by the generosity of people in Chopta. Our trek and camping went amazingly well, but what remained with me was (1)the people we met in this journey, and (2) not losing hope even in the most hopeless situations. ⁣

So people out there who love travelling, exploring new places and still thinking should we go or not what will happen if my plan doesn't work- just go for it! You will find good people, helping hands and experiences which are simply out of this world.

Photo of Uttarakhand by Manish Sharma
Photo of Uttarakhand by Manish Sharma