Night at the Campsite

13th Oct 2016
Photo of Night at the Campsite by Yashika Mittal
Day 1

Bonfire, Music, Pakoras and Tea… What more can you expect from an amazing night at a Campsite? A friend helped me find this perfect Riverside Camp in Rishikesh. The camp was surrounded by the mountains with a tributary of Ganga flowing next to it. After dinner when the bonfire was over, everybody went into their tents. It must have been around 2:30 am when i suddenly woke up. It was my first night away from home, I had never slept alone in an unknown place before and earlier I was so tired that I had dozed off in a few blinks. Almost no phone networks is a good as well as not so good aspect of being in the mountains. I could hear some weird sounds coming from the forest around, I was shit scared. I could not disturb any of the couples or families that were there, they’d think i am crazy. I kept getting these foolish thoughts of waking up this other guy in the camp who i had noticed was alone like me. I gained some courage and after a lot of inspection from inside the tent I stepped out. Looking here and there for any possible threats, I walked up to his tent. Just when i was about to disturb him i thought to myself, “What if he takes it the wrong way or gets any wrong signals?” Living in a country like India, you learn to stay alert when it comes to unknown Men. So I just stepped back still not sure how I’ll spend rest of the night. I started walking around the camp and sat outside for about an hour. That is when i realized it was all in my head. The sounds from the forest did not seem to scare me anymore and my fear of being alone had vanished. Smiling to myself i went back to my tent and slept till the sunrise.