A Short Getaway to Mussoorie

2nd Feb 2012
Photo of A Short Getaway to Mussoorie 1/9 by Dev Arbikshe
In the Hotel
Photo of A Short Getaway to Mussoorie 2/9 by Dev Arbikshe
Sunset from the Gun Hill
Photo of A Short Getaway to Mussoorie 3/9 by Dev Arbikshe
Hotel Room
Photo of A Short Getaway to Mussoorie 4/9 by Dev Arbikshe
Gun Hill
Photo of A Short Getaway to Mussoorie 5/9 by Dev Arbikshe
The valley at night .
Photo of A Short Getaway to Mussoorie 6/9 by Dev Arbikshe
Photo of A Short Getaway to Mussoorie 7/9 by Dev Arbikshe
Gun Hill
Photo of A Short Getaway to Mussoorie 8/9 by Dev Arbikshe
With Nitin Rola exploring outdoors.
Photo of A Short Getaway to Mussoorie 9/9 by Dev Arbikshe
Kempty waterfall Author KuwarOnline

This trip was a pleasant surprise as my cousin offered to take me to Mussoorie along with him for a break. It was once again a much needed respite from the overcrowded and over-polluted capital city rapidly resembling a ghetto. Traveling to such places is not only a way to reconnect with nature, but also an opportunity to see life at a different pace. It doesn't always mean that you would have ecstatic experiences or revelations, but it certainly makes you think twice about the way you want to live your life. This is how my journey began.

I and my cousin took a deluxe bus from ISBT in Delhi and it took us 7 hours to reach Dehradun. I was excited as it was a welcome escape from the monotonous life in the city. We took a taxi from Dehradun to reach our destination: Mussorie. Surrounded by the lush green mountains was our abode for  the next 3 days, Hotel Crystal Palace, a unit of Sea Hawk Resorts. It was the middle of the night when we reached our destination. A warm and cozy room embraced us for the night. The next morning, a scrumptious breakfast was enough to begin the day on a positive note. We went on foot to explore the market on 'Mall Road' and 'Landour Bazaar'  but within 2-3 hours we were tired as a dead horse. The local people were too keen to suggest exploring the markets, but I was not interested in shopping. Heading back dead tired I resolved to see the places I had come to see. The next day we ventured to the other side and at first, I was filled with immense joy on witnessing the captivating beauty of nature and the misty mountains. Down the hill was the Kempty Falls in the bosom of mother nature. The constant rain made the surroundings look majestic but it is not a pretty site being chased by monkeys on slippery ground. I wonder how I find monkeys everywhere I travel. There is also a lake, ' Lake Mist' few kilometers before the Kempty Falls. As it was raining heavily, taking photos was out of the question as everyone was rushing back and forth from their cars to the restaurant to the area where an arrangement for fun activities was available. Jharipani Falls and Sir Geroge Everest House along with Jwalaji Temple, Lal Tibba and Gun Hill were some other places we visited. In the evening our reveries ended witnessing the ravishing sunset on the Camel's Back Road. Back at the hotel, a bonfire in the night with music and night long chatter encapsulated our 2nd night. The third day was spent mainly indoors and trekking the nearby hill in the evening. The next day, we descended back to Dehradun to take our bus back home. It was a refreshing break I would not consider it a place to visit twice.

We booked it for three days for convenience. A nice view of the valley is visible from the hotel. Clean and good breakfast service.It depends on you where you want to stay but the place does matter for the trip to be memorable.
Photo of Crystal Palace, The Mall Road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India by Dev Arbikshe
A nice place to unwind and at the same time bathe in the waterfall. There are some restaurants nearby too to satiate the taste buds while witnessing the natural beauty. If lucky might spot some monkeys and 'langurs' too. The way to the waterfall is a treat in itself . The natural scenery will replenish your faith in life. Image author : Kuwaronline on wikipedia
Photo of Kempty Waterfall, Ram Gaon, Uttarakhand, India by Dev Arbikshe
Offers a panoramic view of the Himalayan Valley and if you are lucky might spot some eagles too at this height! Something tells me that the weather affects the perception of the place . Better have some company , you'd be dead bored within some time.
Photo of Gun Hill, Gunhill Road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India by Dev Arbikshe