White water river rafting in Byasi, Singhtali Rishikesh

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Camp Rapid Fire
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Just before 36km stress of rafting
Photo of White water river rafting in Byasi, Singhtali Rishikesh 4/4 by Munu Maina
Bidding farewell to our fellow teammate

What do you look for in a vacation? Is it shopping around mall roads of Shimla, or enjoying some spa, or wandering around the thick woods of the National Parks, or de-stressing yourself under the palm trees of Goa, or exploring along the historical monuments of the country? Well, if you wish to do something different this vacation, then why don’t you go for White Water River Rafting in Rishikesh? Believe me, rafting on the Ganges of Rishikesh is full of fun, electrifying and a thrilling adventure that you can ever experience anywhere round the globe. And, you will never regret adding Rishikesh adventure holiday packages in your upcoming vacation.

As we all know, that Shivpuri of Uttarakhand, which is just 19.6 km away from Rishikesh is one of the most popular hubs for White Water River Rafting. But, over the past years too much of commercialization have taken place, now it is packed with camps, cars and tourists. If, you wish to escape away from such crowded places into a serene and tranquil environment between the giant mountains and a gentle river, then the ideal location can be Byasi of Singhtali – Rishikesh. This hidden paradise is located 16 km from Shivpuri on the way to Badrinath. Driving through the NH 58 that leads up to Byasi is in itself an awesome experience as you drive along the rocky hills and fast flowing Ganges where you can see energetic and daring young/ old ripping through the giant rapids of the Ganga. There are around 20 beach camps in Byasi like Camp Rapid Fire, Ganga Valley Adventure, Alaknanda River Adventure, etc.  Among all these, Camp Rapid Fire is the best; you will just love the generous and friendly hospitality of this camp.

Once you reach your destination and as you climb down the hill towards the camp you will be just be amazed and enchanted to see the white sandy beach along with the fast flowing Ganges and the giant rocky hills guarding your tents. It is just beautiful to look at. After resting for some time, what you can do is put on a life-jacket and swim along the gentle water of the Ganges as it flows down the stream or enjoy some kayaking or just lie down on the dazzling sandy shore of the river. As the night sets in you can enjoy the evening with music along with the bonfire and some snacks. Or just gaze at the blue starry sky which you hardly get to see in cities with melodious lullaby of the river at the backdrop along with the big bright moon shining up in the sky.

Next morning, as you head for the adventurous part of your holiday you will be just thrilled and excited. As you set forward on your journey with a little bit of nervousness along with commands like- team fast forward, backward, stop and jump in, of the captain of your boat and finally, when the giant rapids hit against your boat and you, it gives you an intense feeling, which is very hard to describe in words. The total length from Byasi to Rishikesh is around 36 km, which is really a big one. Some of the famous rapids that you pass by are – sweet sixteen, the wall, three blind mice, the golf and the roller cluster.