Batman v Superman: Ghats of Banaras(Varansi)

23rd Mar 2016
Photo of Batman v Superman: Ghats of Banaras(Varansi) 1/7 by Sanish Nair
Them face Off!


One Of the DC Multiverse

Bhuvan Waynes parents were killed by some thug while returnig back from a late night naatak.

River Ganga Has taken care of Bhuvan and made him what he is today.. BATMAN...Varansi has only got better after the arrival of caped crusader

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Batman offering his prayers to River Ganga

Superman was always nearby. Looking for some spiritual retreat after years of fighting evil, he goes to Varanasi following Lata Lanes advice. Aquaman warns him that Varansi is no more a place that can give you peace( Aquaman felt suffocated when he had been here once, swimming in the polluted waters of Ganga)

On his arrival to Varanasi Superman could not help but question his decision to be here. Varanasi had exploded.. The population was something Superman had everr seen before. Cramped for space. noise pollution at its highest. Entire city looked like a garbage dump.

Superman reaches the famous ghats of Varansi hoping to find some answers. The ghats were no better than the city. It was as if no one cared about what history this city has. The traditions and hymns that have born here are being studied world wide, but the city has forgotten to appreciate itself. I must talk to an enlightened sadhu he thinks to himself!

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Sadhu Scarecrow.

Superman finds Sadhu Scarecrow at Maniakarnika Ghat and sits beside him to understand what went wrong. Scarecrow inhales some class A marijuana and asks Superman for some money. While superman offered him 10 bucks he took 20 from Supermans hands.

Arent you supposed to be enlightened??. Arent you supposed to stay away from materialistic needs??.. Dhongis ! Superman thought to himself!. It was only later that superman found out most of those Babas were! They did not give up life to go to Himalayas to find out meaning of life. Most of them were just running away from responsibilities and found this an easy way to make money!

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Batman on his Batmobile!

Batman knew about all this. What superman did not know was that Batman has been trying to fight this cancer growing in Varanasi. Batman hasn't succeeded but had definitely slowed down the deterioration Of Varanasi. he loved this city and would do whatever it takes to save it and River Ganga( though River Ganga could take care of itself)

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Prayers floating on River Ganga

Batman was fighting to protect these prayers. He has seen people wishing, crying and smiling to River Ganga. Millions come here with hope. He wanted those millions to realize that Varanasi still caters to those hopes. River Ganga wants to know about your prayers!.

Superman felt the same way too but wasn't happy with what he saw at Varanasi. He felt Batman could have done better. He faces Batman and warns him that he will take over if Batman couldnt take care of Varanasi!. Batman is not some one who is going to get mellowed down by threats.

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It was River Ganga who had to make them understand who the real Villans were. River Ganga tells Superman that Batman has been doing his best and it will only be together that they can save Varanasi.

Cleaning up Varansi and River Ganga was the first thing they took up!

The fought Dhongis and saw to it people were not being duped. They talked to PM Modi for better infrastructure. A new sun was rising at Varanasi.

Photo of Batman v Superman: Ghats of Banaras(Varansi) 7/7 by Sanish Nair
Justice League contemplating about life after a Glass of Bhaang!