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Jayant Mehrotra recently visited the Great Kumbh Mela and shared his spiritual experience with us.

Jayant Mehrotra is a Stockbroker by profession and his hobbies are photography, traveling and reading. He is currently living in Delhi. He has a very intense interest in nature photography and he visited Kumbh Mela to collaborate his hobbies of photography with the spiritual aura.Talking with Jayant I got to know various facts about Kumbh.

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I have covered almost half of India; for the sake of photography, I visited Kumbh Mela. I have also visited Ladakh, Jodhpur, Dharamshala, Varanasi and also many other places.Because of the shortage of time, we were not able to explore more but other than Kumbh we also saw the place where Chandra Shekhar committed suicide and also we went to Anand Bhavan.

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I have visited Kumbh before also in 2013 but the major factor with this. People were very cautious about the cleanness of the surrounding, also there were workers allotted for the proper sweeping. Also, the spirit of Elections could be easily recognized in the atmosphere. There were posters of BJP and their works which were clearly promoting the party which was somewhere I found kind of annoying.

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We were around 10 hrs in the Mela and everything there was splendid, lightings and the main positivity in the arrangement was the cleanness. The complete reflection of our culture could be recognized there. Although the sadhus departed days before, few sadhus, pandas, and akhadas could be found there. We stayed in the resort there and also the management was good.

The most important and strong reason can be there is to save our culture. An incredible presentation can be found therein kumb, even the people and atmosphere there was covered with spirituality. People were taking baths in the holy Ganga where they considered themselves as free.

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The mass gathering is there during the events. There are many other grand events also in Indian culture but kumb is considered as one the biggest events. The motive of the kumbh was gathering of different knowledgeable saints and different Akhadaas were organized so they could discuss their religions and rituals. The objective of these gatherings was to promote culture, information, knowledge about rituals and religions. In ancient years picnic was meant to visit some pilgrimage and learn the good things and forward them to the people and places they visit next. Also through these kinds of gathering a number of employment opportunities were generated. Although we generally find little lack of awareness about the religion and people consider it as a picnic trip but in old times there was no modification in the staying of people, they used to live in a tent but now there are 5 stars tents also, so little modification can also be observed in the Mela. The rural part of the country still has that spiritual feel but there is a lack of awareness among the urban people.

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Public parking lots are there for those who come here with their own convictions but those who visit with a train can use Local autos which can be easily found outside the station.We had Lekhram ki Kachori. It’s famous there. There is Langar organized for the pilgrims who come to bath.While the journey prime minister visited there was little rush and blockage for the common visitors. I think if the visit of the VIPs is scheduled it should be planned more properly. Since every person visiting there wants to get to the peak place and wants to feel it but because of the VIPs, some places were blocked which caused the common people to face some problems.

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