Night Photography At Varanasi

Photo of Night Photography At Varanasi 1/3 by Nimit Nigam
Photo of Night Photography At Varanasi 2/3 by Nimit Nigam
Photo of Night Photography At Varanasi 3/3 by Nimit Nigam

I have immense fascination towards night photography. But Varanasi's hours of darkness are different than other places. To be precise it's atmosphere is calm and fresh, gives one a soothing feel. After doing steel wool photography on Ganga ghats, while on my way back to the room I saw these two lonesome boats with an eye appealing colour contrast. I could not resist myself to shoot, took some shots with HTC One A9 mobile and with my Nikon D800 as well. In a wonderful foggy background and the moon on the top made the frame even more interesting. I clicked it with a 18-55mm dx lens on nikon d800 fx body. It's fascinating how crisp and detailed shot comes while using a dx lens on fx.

Even after visiting and shooting in Varanasi's ghats for the sixth time I have never got an unexpected frame like this. Surprisingly before the journey I decided not to click this time ! Over all it was a striking trip with great shots and never ending memories ????

Good bye to Varanasi until next time ????

Edited by Heena Singh:Artificer

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