Photo of Varkala by Filterkaapitravel

So finally I have given up my laziness and blogged about Varkala as I have been getting many dms in instagram about this place and my trip . I guess this would be the right time to visit Varkala. This blog might be useful for you to plan a trip.

Why I chose Varkala ? I wanted to go on a solo trip for a really long time . So I was searching for places near Bangalore for a weekend trip that are safe for traveling alone . I know a couple friends from work who visited this place and certified its safe for a female solo traveller . After a bit of research I finalized this place for my first ever solo trip .

About Varkala ,Its a coastal town in Kerala primarily famous for its cliff and surreal views of the Arabian Sea. This cliff is a geo heritage site.

I took a flight from Bangalore to Trivandrum and took a cab to Varkala. There is also a direct train available from Bangalore to Varkala. It was a 45 minute drive from Trivandrum airport . The drive to Varkala is so scenic with all sorts of green and blue.

I stayed at this place called Inda hotel.Its run by a friendly Ukranian couple. This was recommended to me by few friends and this is the best place to stay in varkala even though it doesn't have a beach view. The beach is hardly a five minute walk from here . This place has a really good vibe and its safe . Also brownie points for their breakfast.Its delicious.

I quickly got ready once I checked in and left for the beach. First sight of the beach and I was blown away . I have never seen a beach from top view before. It was different feeling altogether for me . I still remember how I just stood on the cliff ,slowly getting lost in the view.After absorbing the beauty of Arabian Sea from the cliff ,I headed down to the beach. The beach is a two minute walk down the cliff. Beaches are very clean and you will get to meet a lot of interesting people here .

As the tides crashed at my feet and cleansed my soul I was slowly falling in love with Varkala . Varkala beaches are perfect for some 'me' time.Its the perfect place to have a lazy vacation. Its the kind of place that will give you the "time" that you are craving for in this busy lives of yours.

The side walk on the cliff allows you to enjoy the sea breeze hitting your face whilst taking a walk.There is a small Tibetian Market on the cliff that has couple of shops selling lovely stuff. I bought myself few souvenirs from here .

There are many cafes on the cliff. Most of em' are with a sea view.I went to this Tibetan place for lunch.Its called Tibetan Kitchen. Loved the cheese momos and thupka here. Also the view is good . After lunch I had to head back to hotel because the sun was being really mean .

I was just hanging out in the hammocks in the hotel with my kindle till evening.I headed out to catch the sunset. Abba restaurant had the perfect view. I sat here for almost three hours. It was just me ,the sea and the sun slowly sinking in . The colors that the sunset offered !! I will let the pictures do the talking.This view is etched in my mind forever.

Also food is good at Abba restaurant.The restaurant is very lively during sunset hours.Amazing crowd and some real good music.

My heart was full while returning back to the hotel. What a soul satisfying day it was . I was wishing I could pack a little bit of beach and take it back to Bangalore with me.

The next morning it was my final day in Varkala.I went to the beach again morning and got myself soaked in the waves . After tons of recommendations I went to Coffee temple for breakfast. Frankly ,coffee wasn't good here but breakfast was delicious.The cafe was extremely crowded even at the early hours . If you are lucky enough you will get a seated outside .You can have breakfast with view.

My itinerary for Varkala vacation was only to eat -sleep -beach -repeat. So I didn't visit other tourist attractions . There are few other places that you can visit in Varkala like Janardhana Swami Temple,Sivagiri Mutt,Kaapil Lake,Varkala Light house. Few restaurant recommendations which I didn't visit but supposed to be good ones-clafouti, Darjeeling cafe,Theeram and sunrise restaurant.A weekend should be fine to visit Varkala.

Varkala is not the new Goa or Gokarna. Its one of a kind.

Now plan your trip to Varkala and let me know how it was ????