‘The World’ Is Sinking? Travel to This Unique Creation of Humankind Before It’s Too Late

Photo of ‘The World’ Is Sinking? Travel to This Unique Creation of Humankind Before It’s Too Late by Supriya Sahu

Imagine, what would happen if one day, miraculously, the earth appears within the earth and this earth is well-studded with all kinds of grandeur - has private pools and lavish villas, private islands, and most of all placidity, all by yourself. Well, it's not some fantasy. You won’t believe that the place actually exists, near the coast of Dubai. And it's not just one but a whole archipelago of artificial islands that resemble the shape of the world map and is named ‘The World’.

Everything here is ultra-modern and chic. No moment spent here will be less than flattering. The utter joy of waking up to the sound of the Arabian Sea, walking on the soft sand, playing volleyball, or lying on the hammock is incomparable. The privacy and exclusivity of the place and the thoughtful infrastructure ensures that you will experience life as it's meant to be.

Some insights into the development

Dubai is known for its classic structures and innovative ideas. The idea of constructing 300 islands in the shape of the world was revolutionary in itself. Initiated as a real estate opportunity, the project was later transformed to house tourists as well. The creation began in 2003 by dredging sand from Dubai's shallow coastal waters. But as the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis hit the ball, everything came to a standstill. Later, most of the islands were sold to private contractors in 2008.

But you cannot stay on your own island country!

The development in most of the islands has failed to initiate. As of 2012, only Lebanon Island was established completely and it is only here that the general public is allowed. To date, it has hosted a multitude of guests for different occasions.

Other than this, "The Heart of Europe" is also under construction. This opulent corner also has a floating replica of the beautiful Italian city of Venice. It seems that you will have to wait a little longer to live on your own island country.

The islands are inching towards a sustainable future.

The impressive waste management system on the islands advances towards a sustainable eco-friendly future. This means you will be a part of the ecosystem where positivity and futuristic vision are key undertakings.

Go and discover the unique creation of mankind before it's too late.

The architectural marvel can be envisioned on a beautiful seaplane. Take a 40 minutes ride and rummage the shape of the archipelago. If you can, spot your country's island. You can even go sightseeing. The entire trip to the islands will take about 3 hours to complete.

We swear that the above information is all true, but the world literally is worried about the sinking of the islands. Witnessing the marvelous creation of mankind, at least once in your lifetime, is a must. We are sure that the world's creators will save the islands somehow, but we still have to hurry before it's too late.

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