A day at the beach:Yarada

17th Aug 2015
Photo of A day at the beach:Yarada 1/3 by Shreya Bhargava Garg
Photo of A day at the beach:Yarada 2/3 by Shreya Bhargava Garg
Photo of A day at the beach:Yarada 3/3 by Shreya Bhargava Garg

Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach

Whoever said those words I am not going to disagree for sure!I have always been a beach kid all my life.I can't explain why it is but being around a beach always makes me forget my worries,problems.It takes it all way.

So  when I got to know that there is an unexplored secluded beach nearby off I went.

The beach I am talking about is called Yarada and it is located about 15 KM off vizag.

The beauty of this place is that not many people make a visit here because of the distance and also because a more convenient option is available in the form  of RK beach in Vizag.Yarada has its own charm-the golden coloured sand ,the beautiful hills surrounding the beach,luscious green trees and absolutely clean beach!What more can a girl ask for!

You can walk along the coastline on the sun touched sands ,see the huge waves rise n fall  and can also take a dip or two there.

The good part of this beach is that there are no resorts here,no encroachments what so ever ,so nobody will bother you for food or drinks or some or the other thing.We spent our day walking along the beach,take a book along if you love reading,collecting seashells and finally ended the day by watching the sun disappear behind the mountains .

Do include this  beautiful beach in your itinerary next time you visit.