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So we bordered the 13:30 bus and went to the last village on our itinerary. Bhedetar is known as the gateway to Kanchengjunga and is used as a platform for trekkers to start their journeys in the Makalu Barun mountain range. As a result it is a tiny bit touristy. Not Nagarkot levels, but certainly more so than Rajirani or Dadabazar. It was a bit more lively with a few more stalls and shops selling local products such as scarves and cheese, as well as a few shops selling last minute trekking equipment. Again, as we were pressed for time, we had to be quick. We made straight for the Namaste waterfalls a short walk away. The waterfall was a little more impressive than the one in Rajirani (sorry Limbo), so if you do find yourself in this area pressed for time, prioritize the waterfall in Bhedetar. It’s quite hard to describe waterfalls I find. So I’ll let the picture I’ve included do the talking.It would have been nice to stay and relax by the waterfall for a bit longer. There were a few spots that would have been perfect to enjoy an afternoon of reading and gazing at the waterfall. But the last bus was on its way (hopefully) and we couldn’t miss it. So we collected our things and retreated back to the road.

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