Adrenaline rush in the fierce River Teesta – White River Rafting Sikkim

29th May 2017

If you are an adventure junkie then White River Rafting should be definitely in your things to do list to satiate your adventure love.

Here I will list down about all you need to know regarding River Rafting in Sikkim Northeast India.

Recently during my visit at Gangtok Sikkim Northeast I ticked off River Rafting from my things to do list and the experience was for life time. This adventurous spot is done at Teesta River which comes on the way from Siliguri/Bagdogra to Gangtok. So one can book cab from Siliguri/Bagdogra till the River Rafting spot which may charge you approx 2k.

In our case to save money we did river rafting while returning from Gangtok to Siliguri which charged us Rs 2.5K for dropping to our destination as we had to returned to Kolkata via Siliguri and halting in between for river rafting adventure at Teesta River.

How to reach Siliguri/Bagdogra:

From Kolkata all the 3 modes of transport are available like Flight, Train and Bus.

This was my 1st River Rafting Experience and the memory of Chilling and Refreshing Teesta River waves through the lush greenery mountains still rejuvenates my Mind, Body and Soul.

There are two types of White River Rafting:

Short Rafting- 15mins- Rs 3.5k

Long Rafting-30 to 40 mins – Rs 5k

Extra Rs 1000/- to capture your moments into video and share with your loved ones which they will transfer it to your mobile memory after the rafting.

Each Rafting boat has the capacity of 5 person. If you are less in number then they will club you with the other groups. Hence amount can be shared among the members. If you don’t like sharing then you can hire the single boat bearing the cost of the individual boat.

We decided to hired a single boat for Long Duration and enjoy it to the most. I recommend you too to hire a Long Rafting as in short rafting you will hardly get much time to enjoy the rapids and waves of Rafting. The rapids of Teesta River has been graded as scale 4 internationally which describes the fierceness of the chilling river.

Once our booking was done for the spot they drove us in Jeep about an hour through the curvy and wavy roads to begin our adventure. After reaching there we were given a life jacket and a helmet to wear with the oars in our hands with the instructions how to survive in the waves and rapids of the chilling river.

There were two rowers in our boat who were experts in rafting and has experience of rafting through out India. Here the journey begins and slowly we found ourselves in the middle of the river through the lush greenery mountains and the serenity we witnessed was stunning that left us spellbound.

Each time the rapids come we screamed to the most by holding tight to our boats with the oars in our hands and the chilling waves embraced us leaving us the feeling of freshness.

They will ask you to jump in the river where the rapids are less but would suggest you to jump only if you know how to swim :)

It is advisable to carry extra pair of clothes as you will get wet in water and there are changing rooms with Rs 10/- only for rooms. Also if you are hungry after the ride, there are several organic fruit seller stall to satisfy your hungry stomach.

After a thrilling half and hour ride in the Teesta River we called it a Day and headed back to our destination. One must definitely try river rafting in their life time.

Few clicks from my recent Rafting at Sikkim:

Day 1
Photo of Sikkim, India by Unwind with Anu Brahma
Photo of Sikkim, India by Unwind with Anu Brahma
Photo of Sikkim, India by Unwind with Anu Brahma
Photo of Sikkim, India by Unwind with Anu Brahma
Photo of Sikkim, India by Unwind with Anu Brahma
Photo of Sikkim, India by Unwind with Anu Brahma

Happy Rafting! Happy Sikkim! Happy Northeast India.

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