Place of $erenity- "PRINCEP GHAT"

Photo of Place of $erenity- "PRINCEP GHAT" 1/2 by Wandering girls

Located on the banks of river Hooghly, Princep Ghat never fails to attract the masses by its scenic beauty. With the river and its undulating waves, the lush green surrounding, the conventional boat rides- it has become the prime destination for photographers.The white monument of the Princep Ghat is located between the Water Gate and the St. George's Gate of the Fort William.

The place is swamped by couples but it is one of the places which still revives the "adda-culture" (adda-culture is a term popularly used in Kolkata where a group of friends or like-minded people hang out together) . Surely, it is an affordable place for everyone- students can go after bunking classes, couples for spending quality-time, family members for refreshment after a tiring week and for outsiders to explore a new site. There are various food stalls present inside the area to curb your hunger pangs.[ But its better if you carry your own food and water. ;)] Boat rides are available for getting a peaceful tour of the river with second Hooghly bridge towerinng above, not to forget the picturesque sunset.

Photo of Place of $erenity- "PRINCEP GHAT" 2/2 by Wandering girls

Apart from the all the sight seeing, the gentle breeze and the perfect glimpse of the sunset lets you to have hours of heart to heart conversations with your loved ones. [ as it did for us :)] Its a perfect place to get lost when you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city-life. Whether you stay in Kolkata or not, try visiting this aesthetic place.

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