What are the National Parks that you must visit during your Trip to Dooars?

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As it comes to visiting wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Dooars, the onset of summer is the perfect time. This is the time when the weather in North Bengal remains pleasing and pretty. During this time, the forest fruits ripen as well enhancing the beauty of the woods. And, these are the fruits that the herbivorous animals of this region eat. As the fruits ripen during early summer, the animals venture out of the secret hideouts and relish them while enjoying pleasant sunshine. And, all these make early summer the ideal time for the tourists to enjoy the wildlife and have a chance to watch different animals in their habitats. There are so many sanctuaries in the Dooars region. But, unless you know which one can give you the best sight-seeing experience, your trip might remain incomplete. Before you choose Dooars Tour Packages, you should ensure that at least one of these pristine forest destinations is included to them. Here is a discussion to let you know where to find red pandas, rhinos and other rare animals in the woods of North Bengal.

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Topnotch National Parks in Dooars that the Best Tour Operator in Kolkata takes their tourists to

Jaldapara National Park – As it comes to watching rhinos in the forests of Dooars, the name comes first to mind is Jaldapara National Park. This is where you can find high population of one-horned Asiatic rhinos as well as other animal species like deer, Indian bison, elephants and antelopes. It also boasts a small population of tigers and leopards. If you are lucky enough, you may find a glance of these kingly animals.

You can enter the forests in your own car. However, you are not allowed to enter the core area with your car. If you want to watch rhinos and bison, the salt pit right opposite to the Hollong Bungalow would be the right place. Bison and rhinos come to this place during evening to fulfill their salt craving.

Buxa Tiger Reserve – This reserve is a part of famous Buxa National Park located in the district of Alipur Duar. With 6 majestic tigers being shifted to this reserve a year back, the reserve has been the hottest spot for watching tiger. Even if you are not so lucky to have tiger sighting, the incredible flora and fauna, and the thick woods are worth enough to visit by itself. Apart from tigers, you can also view animals like Chinese pangolin, elephants, great hornbills, and royal pythons. Viewing wide array of colourful butterflies here is possible. As it comes to Buxa Tiger Reserve, you need to enter the forest through the town of Rajabhatkhawa.

Neora Valley National Park – Located in the beautiful Kalimpong district, this national park borders with Sikkim and Bhutan. This is the most bio-diverse national park not only in North Bengal but also in entire Eastern India. The high density of the forest makes it a favourite destination to the trekkers as well as adventure lovers. And, that is the reason why bird watchers and entomologists visit this park regularly. This is one of the rarest places in India where you might spot clouded leopards and red pandas.

These are the most popular and must-visit national parts in Dooars that usually all Dooars Tour Packages include. As it comes to enjoying forest life and watch animals, you must take an experienced guide with you so you can get the actual flavour of the forest and forest life.