24 hour getaway from Hyderabad: Bidar

9th Jan 2015
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Distance from Hyderabad to bidar : ~130 kmBuses available every 30 mins from mgbs.Fare : 120 for one side.Stay : Gurudwara Nanak Jheera, BidarThere were four of us, and this trip was planned 10 mins before taking the bus to bidar.The initial plan was to visit charminar and near by places. We left the college at 5.30 pm and reached lakdi Ka pul bus station at around 6.30. There are AC buses running at this time between the two places. We actually got down from the bus, a station before lakdi ka pul, to try the famous lassi at Shahji ka Dhaba, and it was worth it. The lassi was pretty good, but you can find a better one at Agra Sweets and Mithai, in Ghansi bazaar near charminar. The price is 90 Rs. and the quantity is around 500-600 ml. People with a sweet tooth must try the one at agra sweets.After that, the plan was to have dinner at Hotel Shadab, which has been listed as one of the legendaries in zomato's hyderabad collection. But it was only 7 and none of us was ready for legendary dinner, so we decided to take a stroll along the marvelous ghansi bazaar, which ends at charminar and lal bazaar starts from there on the east side.This is the best time to visit charminar, as it is lit up beautifully by multi coloured lights and surrounded by so much energy and crowd. Laad bazar on one side is the largest bangle market in Hyderabad.After roaming around for some time, we had dinner at 8.30 as till that time all of us were famished. We ordered paya, which is proclaimed to be one of the best here and chicken biryani. Paya is basically a soup like food along with some mutton pieces in it. The unknown part to us was that we were supposed to eat bones also. Somehow, I managed to try a small piece of it, and then jumped to the biryani. The biryani was awesome.(Tip #1 : You ought to have birayani when you are in old hyderabad).Then, we moved to Mahatma gandhi bus station from there. We reached there around 10.30 and after roaming there around 30-40 mins, we decided that we would be going to bidar.We left the station at 11.30. As soon as the bus started, we all drowsed. It was around 1 am, when I woke up to see that the we were all almost shivering from the frigid winds coming from the window. The feeling was something like 'welcome to the impromptu trip' (Tip #2 : Carry some pullover/jacket, if travelling by a non-ac bus). Soon after that, the bus stopped at a dhaba and we rushed to the nearest fire point that we could see there.Somehow managing with the cold, we reached gurudwara at 3.30 am and easily got a room at 150/- . The room was pretty suitable to our needs, a spacious room two beds and a personal bathroom was all what we needed. Soon, we all slumbered in the hope of getting up early.After getting up at 8 in the morning, we had to go outside to buy toothpaste and soap, to perform necessary morning rituals (Tip #3: Carry a toothpaste and a papersoap)We managed to reach the langar hall at 9 to feed our hollow stomachs. The plan was to have some food, then spend some time in the gurudwara and then leave for hyderabad. But, after having breakfast there, we decided to serve the food also. I have been to gurudwaras many times before, but this was the first time I decided to serve, and let me tell you it was a wonderful. It's a very pleasant feeling to have, when your actions are helping some one or making them happy.The next two hours were spent gazing at the water of the sarovar, accompanied with some conversations. You can feel the positive energy at the place.We left at 2 and had lunch at rohit restaurant which offers north indian cuisine and is 500m from the place. The food was decent and pocket friendly.The last step was to take a bus to the hyderabad.

Photo of Gurudwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib, Shivangar, Bidar, Karnataka, India by Yashasvi Girdhar
Photo of Gurudwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib, Shivangar, Bidar, Karnataka, India by Yashasvi Girdhar
Photo of Gurudwara Sri Nanak Jhira Sahib, Shivangar, Bidar, Karnataka, India by Yashasvi Girdhar

Everybody knows about this place.

Photo of Charminar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India by Yashasvi Girdhar

One of the best biryanis in the city

Descent North indian cuisine. 500 metres from gurudwara.

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