Nostalgia in Vikarabad-Ananthagiri Hill

8th Nov 2016
Photo of Ananthagiri Hills Viewpoint, Godamguda, Telangana, India by Anmol Malhotra

I was in Hyderabad when me and my friends ki tooli planned to hit off Vikarabad. We started with doing bookings for zoom cars as we want to drive ourselves to these pretty hills.

Photo of Nostalgia in Vikarabad-Ananthagiri Hill by Anmol Malhotra

We began to the goal at a young hour in the morning at 2am. It was fun as it was drizzling and the atmosphere was extremely cool. We should achieve the peak when the dimness blurs away. The voyage should be of around 2 and a half hours however we drove gradually because of the downpour. We took the course from Patancheru by means of Shankarpally, Nawabpet, Kothagadi (approx 70kms). That course was from the little towns and there were no streetlights which made the situation darker. The main light we could see is the car headlamp. The street was recently laid and was smooth however just an car could fit in that.As soon as we entered Vikarabad by 6am the downpour has halted totally, and we had tea and proceeded to the sloping top. We went to the sanctuary on the ridge to start with, which was loaded with monkeys. The lawn of the sanctuary is especially alluring because of its woodland on every one of the sides. Next, we proceeded to the opposite side of the slope, and at that point, the murkiness was gone and no one but we could see was mist everywhere. The peacocks were meandering on the ridge. A perspective not to be overlooked.

Photo of Kothagadi, Telangana, India by Anmol Malhotra

The grass was, significantly more, greener because of the downpour all night.Spent some time there having a ton of fun of the magnificence of nature. The slope has Haritha Resort to stay for and the resort has a decent garden and play zone for children.And around 10am, we began to the Nagasamudram lake (Kotipally Reservoir) which was around 20kms from that point. As we achieved the supply, we were dumbstruck with the stretch of that lake. We didn't anticipate that it will be that colossal. Drove the car close to the water, collapsed the jeans to the knee and washed it as it was loaded with mud everywhere. Had a great time in the water and even investigated the green grass yards on its shore. We could feel some warmth because of the mists were blurring and the sun was on top of our heads behind the were blurring and the sun was on top of our heads behind the day and began back to Hyderabad around 1pm, and we took the course by means of Chevella, Moinabad. We reached home around 3.30pm and had an excursion of around 345 kms on an entire on that day. We wandered on the Vikarabad slope for a few times encountering the excellence of nature and atmosphere which made the voyage more delightful. The whole outing was justified regardless of every minute, and the most energizing thing was the atmosphere. The atmosphere simply filled our heart with joy :- ) :- )

Photo of Nostalgia in Vikarabad-Ananthagiri Hill by Anmol Malhotra

The pleasant excellence of greenery along the street was so hypnotizing. The storm has made the nature all more energetic. Kaleidoscopic blossoms have sprouted along the roadside. It was a blustery day. Riding against the wind was a significant ordeal! The green glades, bovines munching in the field give you an essence of provincial life. It's great to find that you get the chance to encounter an alternate taste of life inside scarcely 50 kms from Hyderabad.

Henceforth, we nine began our trekking from the Temple, through the timberland to the Hills. It was fun trekking down the sloppy trails of the backwoods. We went over stunning examples of roots and branches of the trees.

The night adventure was similarly fun however we were bit depleted by our throughout the day biking and trekking. We appreciated the sunset on our way back Hyderabad. A street excursion is so inadequate without street side dhaba sustenance. Subsequently, we chose to have sustenance at a street dhaba. We halted by a dhaba close Chilkur and pigged out on a plate of chicken kebab, roasted rotis, dal tadka and chicken kadai. Sustenance was regular dhaba style super zesty food, which we completely delighted in. Having finished with luxurious food, we began again for Hyderabad.

It was an awesome day excursion far from the hustle clamor of the city – in the midst of the greenery, glades, the woods, trails, the intermittent downpours, the nature getting it done in the storm. It is a perfect weekend getaway spot from Hyderabad. I would love to visit this spot once more, ideally in the storm.

The journey was about the bonds of friendship. Whenever i go Hydrabad there is always great company of friends. Next time will be back with more stories and more fun and excitement road trip stories.

Till then here are some tips from my side when you visit Vikarabad.

Tail this map Take exit 18 on Nehru Outer Ring Road and take the Vikarabad street, you will achieve Ananthagiri slopes. Do stop in the middle of to experience the delightful fields and little water bodies en route.

Photo of Nostalgia in Vikarabad-Ananthagiri Hill by Anmol Malhotra

If you want to stay you can. There are some beautiful resorts where you can do bookings. Wear sports shoes not chappals please. Trekking in the forest is only comfortable with shoes. Stone insects and reptiles beware of them

Plan for road trips. Take you friends and family along. You can even try for bullet trips men .