Sunset at Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad


Sunset at Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad

Here, I am posting 27th post for this blog. This is about sunset at Golkonda fort at Hyderabad. This is one of the sunsets which has been seen with friends. Though they don't like the sunset much but they kept calm and waited for me ! It was quite unexpected and special for me.

When I reached Hyderabad, I was thinking to see the sunset from this fort and one of my "Dil ni najik ni (special friend)" friends just told that we'll go to Golkonda. I was like oh my God ! She heard what did I think ! So I would like to thank her and all other friends for coming on the top and enjoying the sunset with me on that day!

Now the story starts.. As soon as we reached on the top, I saw that it's just 5:30 PM and sunset was of around 6:45 PM. So we had almost one hour to talk and click the pictures. So we enjoyed there, After some time security guards asked us to leave as it's time to closing up. But as always "JUGAD TO HO HI JATA(solution is always there)". We requested the guard that we wanted to see the sunset from top and yes they allowed us. So you can check the below pictures of the sunset from Golkonda fort.

Now as per the tradition there should be a twist in the story as always. When other visitors saw us on top they also started coming on the top and that is why guard told us to leave the place though it was 6:30 PM and still 15 minutes were there. Unfortunately we started going down and one of my friends and I were taking that it has never been happened in the past that we would be leaving from such kind of place and even at the time of sunset. But guess what !! We saw one temple and we saw that we can see the sunset for rest of the time from there so somehow we managed to go inside that temple and luckily the guards couldn't see us. So finally we saw the complete sunset from there but I didn't click the pictures there and just felt the bliss of the sunset. Thus it has been a satisfactory visit to Golkonda fort.

One more thing I would like to mention over here is that while going inside the fort, they would charge you 20 rupees per plastic container and they would give you one sticker per container. While returning back they'll check that sticker and return you the rupees. This is quite good idea for cleanliness at tourist places. But other side it's very shameful that we are not self disciplined So let's just take care that we would not be throwing the garbage anywhere on tourist places.

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