Beginning Of The 1st Solo Journey


Top View of South Vietnam 

Photo of Beginning Of The 1st Solo Journey by Anna


Never let stumbles on the road be the end of your journey and trust me I had quite a few of those in the beginning of my first solo journey to South Vietnam and Cambodia. I had traveled by myself in India alone by buses, trains and flights from a young age, but doing a trip alone that also out of my country was nerve wrecking. Before locking on the idea of actually doing it, I researched a lot – the safety for a female traveler, the cost, the transport, visa, stay. Regarding the visa, 3 travel agents told me that it is visa on arrival, so I was all set. So I was doing a show in Kuala Lumpur from there I was going to Vietnam from there to Siem Reap (Cambodia) and then meeting a friend in Bangkok.

Work is done in Kuala Lumpur and I am all set for my first solo trip with my backpack, handbag, passport and nervously excited me. Now I am at the counter to get my boarding pass it is 5 in the morning and I don’t think I have been more awake at that hour. When my turn comes I give her my ticket and passport and then she asks for my visa, and in confidence I tell her it is visa on arrival which she declines and says where is your letter and I have no such thing, so I ask to speak to the manager. A very nice guy of Air Asia, he explains me that the agents gave me false information and needed a letter which you get online, he agreed that once I get my letter he will book my flight and I would just have to pay the difference. I am worried and one thing has already screwed up before the trip has already started. So I go to the food court of the airport sit with their Wi-Fi and figure out this letter. So guys check this out, you go online and get a letter which permits you to get a visa once you arrive in Vietnam, you wait in a long line at the airport for your visa with all the tourists but it is simply worth it for the starting of your trip. So I burnt 100 dollars from my rock solid budget for it because I wanted it within an hour, the earlier you get that letter cheaper it is.

Photo of Beginning Of The 1st Solo Journey 1/3 by Anna
Top View of Ho Chi Minh City

So I get my letter and with my new ticket got my boarding pass and I was on my way to Vietnam. After finally reaching my first destination, getting my visa, I was out and then I called the hostel I had booked from home just to cross check the address before I took the cab. Guess What?? My bed did not get booked, so she says she will check and tell me about availability, so again I start abusing myself, twice in the same day. So I am checking on airbnb for rooms or couches calling a few people, a lot were unavailable. I called back the hostel and there was a bed empty in a mixed dorm (female and male), grabbed it and booked it that instant.

Took a cab and reached the hostel when I reach there I get to know I paid extra for the cab, so by then I am in a big emotional mess. Checked – in , reached my dorm put my bags in the locker below my bed, went down took a chilled beer and went to the terrace of the hostel and sat on a bench and contemplated my entire trip and if I was wrong taking it alone and was I going to be doomed with so many stumbles?? Then a fellow traveler came along and I think saw my big time troubled face, and he then told me that each traveler faces a lot of stumbles on their journeys and each of them is a learning experience and some or the problem would come along as there is no such thing as a smooth journey.

So press forward do not stop do not linger in your journey and enjoy your journey.

Photo of Beginning Of The 1st Solo Journey 2/3 by Anna
Sunset from the  Eco Hostel Terrace 
Photo of Beginning Of The 1st Solo Journey 3/3 by Anna
The Picture does not do justice, but peaceful Eco Green Hostel Terrace 

Link for Vietnam Visa Letter for Indian Passport Holders -

Hostel - Eco Green Hostel