Letter to Mountains!!

Photo of Letter to Mountains!! 1/3 by Priyanka (Seeker)

People write letters to their dear ones , to ask about their well being or to shower their affection to them, i am writing this letter to the mountains. I asked this question to myself many times, why do I feel at peace with you, maybe its vise versa.

I have seen you as my protector, my escape, my territory, my anytime go to space. In Japan, people preace nature..moon and sun, in India people preach trees and river, is there any way to show my affection and dedication to you, there might be!!

Photo of Letter to Mountains!! 2/3 by Priyanka (Seeker)

I never had a reason to hope, dream and explore, until I met you. You are something more real than stories and more powerful.

I wanted to explore everything, know everyone. But then I explored you and found you are not just one, you are infinity. The infinity of love, respect and mystery. A universe of inspiration, aspiration and happiness. Maybe you are the universe out there which I explore. Or the universe within me I seek.

You are constant yet ever changing. You are everywhere and yet just with me.

Photo of Letter to Mountains!! 3/3 by Priyanka (Seeker)

I feel peace with you. I have seen people being terrified travelling to mountains, for me you are my safe home.

Am I your creation, I question myself!!

© Photo Copyrighted Priyanka Vaid