Coronavirus Update - Indians Are Not Allowed to Enter These Countries


Let’s face it, COVID-19, or more popularly coronavirus, has had a deadly impact across the globe and business hasn’t been as usual as planet Earth would like it to be. At such a pressing time, the travel community, in particular, must be cautious and make business and holiday trips after serious consideration of the risks involved.

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Since the outbreak, health concerns have peaked in many countries, as expected. While some countries are trying to limit the crisis by spreading awareness and conducting rigorous checks on those with identifiable symptoms, others are taking more serious steps by limiting the entry of foreign travellers.

If you’re a citizen of India, these are the countries that you cannot enter as of now:

Qatar has banned individuals from 14 countries, one of which is India. Flights to and from Italy have been suspended by Qatar Airways as well.

Bhutan - temporarily out of reach (C) Unsplash

Photo of Bhutan by Eeshat Tiwary

In an effort to curb the spread of the virus, the Himalayan country has placed a two-week ban on people from any part of the globe. The country reported its first case on March 6 – an American individual who entered via India.

Citizens from countries that have reported cases of coronavirus have been banned from entering the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As per this restriction, nationals from India along with 108 other countries will not be allowed to enter the West Asian country.

Within India

Other than international destinations, some states within India have also imposed their ban on entry. No foreigner can enter Arunachal Pradesh or Sikkim. A temporary ban on all tourist visits to the popular Nathu La Pass has also been imposed by the Sikkim government.

Additionally, you will have to present a coronavirus-free certificate from health authorities of Italy or South Korea if you are travelling to India from these two countries. Each traveller is being screened at all ports of entry as a precautionary measure.

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