Why I chose Thailand And Cambodia for my Backpacking Trip

25th Mar 2016
Day 1
Its simple. Like my bio says, I'm an incurable case of wanderlust. I have travelled to about 19 states in India and 1 other country.
I spent most, if not half my time, scrolling through my instagram where these awesome people who I "follow" keep putting up amazing pictures of them backpacking all over the world .
Needless to say ,inspired by that I spend the other half of my time finding out where I should be travelling to next.
2015 was great. I went skiing to Auli, Trekking Parvati Valley, then Surfing in Gokarna, 2016 has to be better.So when i saw the 2016 calendar and the 2 extended weekends in March - April, it took me less than 5 min to make up my mind up for a long backpacking trip.

Why Thailand and Cambodia? For starters, I'm as enthusiastic a beach person as anyone can get, not quite sure why, maybe because I grew up as a Navy Kid spending my childhood on the beaches collecting shells and making sand castles. Maybe.
I wanted a mix of something that could be a true backpackers paradise plus, suit my love for the coast, and Thailand for long has definitely been one of the places i have wanted to go to. I mean really, just check out Phi Phi Islands. That will do it for you.
Plus it is pretty good for surfing.
Cambodia happens to be one of the neighbouring countries of Thailand, it also THANKFULLY happens to be a cheaper country ( INR comparison)
And it looks beautiful. I spoke to a few friends and friends of friends who had been to Cambodia and they had a lot of good things to say about it.
Both together just seemed feasible to do within 18 days and within my meagre budget. So i do have a screenshot of the rough map containing my high hopes (in form of red pins) of the 18 day backpacking trip. Im pretty sure i wont be able to cover all, but even if i am able to cover half of that, il be stoked.
Well, i guess as long as i meet amazing people, learn as much as i can, and have a good time , all's good.

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Photo of Why I chose Thailand And Cambodia for my Backpacking Trip by Charu Rawat