Starfish Bloo – a “Must Visit” Restaurant when in Bali

Photo of Starfish Bloo – a “Must Visit” Restaurant when in Bali by The travel bug

Starfish Bloo is the beachside seafood restaurant at W Bali, which you would love to re-visit whenever you are In Bali. This glamorous yet casual restaurant has a delectable range of Seafood, Sushi, European and Asian cuisine options. As you enter the restaurant, the very first thing that hits you is the effort that has been put into making this place memorable for the visitors through sheer imagination that has gone into property design. Even before you get to the menu, you find yourself making a choice as you have been offered different types of seating options. As per your mood for the day, either you can take a table in shade or go for tastefully designed outdoor seating options by the waterfront. The prospect of watching the beauty of the sea as you dine promises a wonderful experience already.

Photo of W Bali - Seminyak, Seminyak, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia by The travel bug

We were taken in by the luxuriously open feel that the restaurant provides. The furnishing is minimalist but elegant. I especially liked the use of wood and bamboo in the interiors which led to a warm and cozy feeling. The openness was also enhanced by the height of the interiors, which magnified the sense of space in the restaurant. As we had gone during day time, we preferred to sit with a roof over our heads, but the beachside seating looked so tempting that I made a note to visit the restaurant in the evening next time.

Photo of Starfish Bloo – a “Must Visit” Restaurant when in Bali by The travel bug

For a seafood restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised to find vegetarian and vegan options. I liked the interesting categories in the menu such as Small Plates, Crispy Things, Sides etc. What also caught my attention were the interesting names of dishes such as Madras Vegetable, Potato Fritters and Coconut Curry Samosa.

To get into the perfect mood, we started with Beat the Heat Lush, a refreshing cool drink which is a combination of fresh mint leaves, lemon juice and chocolate syrup. We accompanied this with green papaya and mango salad, which also has mint, tomatoes, Thai basil and cashews.

Photo of Starfish Bloo – a “Must Visit” Restaurant when in Bali by The travel bug

After enjoying the refreshing drink and fruits, we decided to engage our taste buds by trying something on the spicier side. We ordered vegetable dumplings with sesame and ginger-soy dressing, which were soft and tasty. The overall atmosphere by the beach made us give in to the indulgence of the guilty pleasure of having deep fried crispy Tempura vegetables, which had a delightful selection of freshly chopped vegetables wrapped in ponzu dressing. We washed it down with Ginger Cooler which is W-made ginger beer with soda and lemonade.

Photo of Starfish Bloo – a “Must Visit” Restaurant when in Bali by The travel bug

For the main course, we chose the very Indian Vegetable Biryani and Dal Makhani. The biryani, which was enhanced with Indian spices, pickled shallots and beet yoghurt, had the perfect taste. The Dal Makhani was served with flat bread, chutneys and pickles, which satisfied our taste buds.

The dining experience so far made me look forward to the desserts. From the range of choices, we chose White Chocolate Mousse and Warm Chocolate Bonbons.

Photo of Starfish Bloo – a “Must Visit” Restaurant when in Bali by The travel bug

I particularly appreciated the minute attention to detail. One example was the blue colour of the glasses in which water was served, which made it in sync with the wonderful ocean before our eyes.

We thoroughly enjoyed our overall experience at Starfish Bloo. Its classy ambience, extreme cleanliness, beautifully curated menu and attention to detail makes it a must-visit place for every traveler to Bali.