Celebrating Life in the sacred Hill of Sri Lanka!

Photo of Celebrating Life in the sacred Hill of Sri Lanka! by Sneha Marappa
Photo of Celebrating Life in the sacred Hill of Sri Lanka! 1/3 by Sneha Marappa
Photo of Celebrating Life in the sacred Hill of Sri Lanka! 2/3 by Sneha Marappa
Photo of Celebrating Life in the sacred Hill of Sri Lanka! 3/3 by Sneha Marappa

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow-Anita Desai

I have learnt a lot while traveling, mostly from the people I meet who always have a positive impact on my life! Hence, I am always choosy on the place I travel to & most importantly the place I stay in; I believe the relationship you hold with hosts has a serious impact on the place you consider as home for the days you stay in. One of such amazing hosts I met are Sala & Bludgy & this is how!

I was looking for eco-friendly places to stay in; I found their website & shot them an email. They said they have moved to a different location but they are starting something new very soon. I saw the pictures of their new setup; it was an overnight dream that came true. Just few days ago before I reached their place, I had seen a picture exactly like this on Instagram and thought I should stay in a place like this some day!

View from the sky tent!

Sala was talking about how they came up with this concept, they have been seeing people cutting trees to increase the number of places to stay for travelers, and they were not very happy with it, so had to come up with this concept of not harming trees & can still host travelers. This could be an example to everyone who thinks cutting trees is the only solution; also they are having all their guests to plant a tree as well. They even segregate garbage; dump the garbage that can be recycled as manure in a pit to use it for plants. Soil is really good here, manure is not really needed but it is just one of the ways to use the garbage effectively by not harming nature; he adds.

This is where they live ;-)

Sala & Bludgy both quit their jobs in advertising & followed their passion in paintings, to make it more accessible they have those paintings printed on T-shirts. He was talking about him wearing a tie & presenting to clients & I was sharing about the job that I was doing that I never liked. When asked why they decided to quit, they said they found more happiness in what they are doing right now than their earlier 9-5 job. It was not even a month since I had quit my job; I was still struggling with the post syndrome and I realized I have made the right decision too. I learnt that Quitting job is not a big deal, accepting the life that throws at you after quitting is!

It was a big day while I was staying at their place, along with my friend in Bengaluru we had finished 48 days of 108 Surya Namaskara & still continues!

Oh you yummy breakfast!

We have had long conversations over dinner about how India & Sri Lanka were rich with Diamonds & Gems, spices, crops & so much richer in the culture before Portuguese, Dutch & British invaded and how we are struggling now to save our own culture. I was curious to know about this indigenous tribe in Sri Lanka called Veddas, I had read about how they originated earlier in a book and Sala was talking about how there is a change now in their lifestyle with modern technologies taking over all our lives.

I was a poet during my stay here, read through; it will explain how beautiful this place is!

It was dark & lovely,

I am floating in the air.

Fireflies passed by like twinkling stars,

I am floating in the air.

Peacocks screams at a distance as I fall into trap of sleep,

I am floating in the air.

I walk into a dreamland with fireflies & peacocks,

I am floating in the air.

Sleep releases my eyes to birds chirping,

I am floating in the air.

Sit at the edge of a rock staring at the trees,

Sit on the hammock reading a book for ages.

Lie down until the sun keeps winking,

Lie down until the stars start twinkling.

We all have one life to live,

Let's just Live! Live! Live!

I have learnt how to celebrate life from them, how to manage daily tasks along with work and a baby & two dogs, how to have balance in a relationship, how to look for happiness in everything you do, basically just how to celebrate life!


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