Exploring Self While Exploring Hampi

24th Mar 2017

On my way to visit a beautiful sunset in Hampi

Photo of Exploring Self While Exploring Hampi by Sachin Shah

Disclaimer: This isn't an itinerary based blog. It is about my experience and the things I learnt from this trip.

Photo of Exploring Self While Exploring Hampi 1/1 by Sachin Shah
Boulders, Ancient Markets and a lot of History lies within this Image from Hampi

Having A Plan Is Not Necessary

I have done quite a lot of impromptu trips, but those had some form of planning too. If nothing, I would sort my stay on the way, get the local transport sorted, or check things out in general, but this trip had none of the above. I needed a break from work so booked a one-way bus ticket to Hospet. No hotel bookings, barely any articles around the place, no conversation with people who had travelled to this place earlier. And trust me, this turned out to be the best trip I've had in recent times. Got a decent homestay at a throwaway price, met quite a lot of interesting people, and a lot more. The whole idea of having a plan for everything is a big scam. You DON'T need to have a plan. Be it a trip, or life!

Day 3

On my way to Hanuman Temple on the so called Hippie side of Hampi!

Photo of Hanuman Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India by Sachin Shah

View from the Sunset Point in the Temple Side of Hampi

Photo of Sunset point, Hampi, Anjanhalli, Karnataka, India by Sachin Shah

The majestic Virupaksha Temple in Hampi

Photo of Sri Virupaksha Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India by Sachin Shah

Clicked this beauty at Sanapur Lake

Photo of Sanapur Lake, Sanapur, Karnataka, India by Sachin Shah

Step wall! Everything is simple yet looks so complicated!

Photo of Sanapur Lake, Sanapur, Karnataka, India by Sachin Shah

Embrace Randomness

This is in tandem to the above-mentioned thing and trust me, it is alright to be random. I have been quite erratic all my life, doing random things, joining random streams, and this trip was quite aligned with my life. The place where I am working right now is also an act of pure randomness.

So, I had been freelancing for social media for close to a year, and one fine day one of my friends called me saying he had joined a digital marketing course, but couldn’t continue that due to some personal problems. I paid some 2 grands for name transfer and there we were, geared up for a diploma in digital marketing. It was my last week there, when the sir who was teaching us, got a call from one of his ex-students asking if he had any person who’d be keen on joining immediately. I went for the interview, got selected and been here for some time. Everything was random. No plan. NOTHING! This and few other instances at this trip have made me realize it is completely okay to be random.

On my way to a temple, I stumbled upon this amazing place!

Photo of Exploring Self While Exploring Hampi by Sachin Shah

You Are Where You're Meant to Be

It doesn't really matter if you believe in a superpower controlling things or not, but you are where, and will always be where you are meant to be. You could be struggling with things or you could be having a lavish life, it is meant to be that way. Doing certain things influence certain situations, but at the end of the day, you'll be where you are destined to be. This may sound like a lazy person's excuse to not try hard, but I've had enough experiences in this trip and life to make that statement.

Appreciate the Past, Don't Live There

Those temples, ruins, majestic structures, sculpture, etc exhibited our glorious past. The details and finesse flaunted the rich past we fail to see these days, but dwelling on it and not moving on won't take us anywhere. Our country's past teaches us an important lesson that we should always move on, no matter how hard we've been hit!

Travel Is the Best Teacher

Well, it would be unjust on my part to conclude this post without jotting down the most important lesson I've learnt from this trip. I met so many people on this trip and each one of them had an amazing story to share. Met a guy from Korea who quit his job and has been travelling since the last year or so. Met a couple who plan to visit 30 countries before they hit 30. They were 28 and this was their 20th country. Met a German who has been travelling to India for the last 15 years. He's been to places I haven't even read of. He could understand Hindi and speak a couple of sentences too. He spoke highly about our rich history and how we fail to realize it. That thing hit me quite hard because what he said was true. We keep wanting to go to places outside India but always fail to appreciate what India has.

Anyway, I think I shall end this preachy blog with the hope of you guys liking and sharing it.

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To Be Traveller.