Here's How 6 Travellers Won A Trip To Nandi Hills With Tripoto & Fastrack


Credits: Siddharth Samant

Photo of Here's How 6 Travellers Won A Trip To Nandi Hills With Tripoto & Fastrack by Adete Dahiya

When life's daily routine bogs you down and when college/work becomes too much to deal with, everyone needs a break. And travel is probably the best medicine – with just your bag on your back, no reservations and a lot of excitement, venturing into the unknown makes perfect sense. No one probably understands this better than the crew at Fastrack, who love to go tripping every chance they get.

To spread their love for travel and give their fans a truly unique experience, Fastrack partnered with Tripoto, resulting in #KeepTrippingWithFastrack – a travel contest that gave followers from across the country a chance to go on an all-expenses paid trip to Nandi Hills in Bangalore or Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh. All they needed to do was share their craziest travel stories.

A free trip to Nandi Hills

Out of the hundreds of entries, six lucky winners were chosen to go on a night trek to the Nandi Hills. In addition, each of them also got a brand new backpack from Fastrack!

The photos below will give you an idea of how beautiful the journey was

Here's what the winners had to say about their experience

The contest

There were hundreds of entries within hours of putting up the post on Facebook and Instagram. All of them exciting, some of them intriguing, and some just plain funny. After careful consideration, six lucky winners were picked out to go on a night-trek to the Nandi Hills.

A witty line can win you a trip. Who knows where you can head to next? Head on to Fastrack's page to checkout their latest contests and head to Tripoto's website to see the offers we have in store for you