Way more than just a NICE Way!

30th Oct 2017
Photo of Way more than just a NICE Way! 1/2 by Swati Tripathy

Early morning Homas at The Art of Living International Centre are the most tranquilizing moments ever experienced! This day was one such hurried drive to the Ashram to attend the Homa, via a highway that happens to be way more than just nice, the Nice Road. I still ought to figure out why would anybody name this astonishingly stunning road to be "Nice Road". I would rather call it as the "Dreamy Valley", for every bit of it looks like straight out of a story book.

For anybody to be able to even catch a glimpse like this one in Bangalore, is like finding an uncalled angel amidst a chaotic mess! With absolutely nobody on the roads except a lorry or a two, being able to listen to the chirpy birds and the cool rustle of the wind, and getting to watch the glittering dew drops falling from the soft leaves in the little plants nearby, was a blessing that morning, much to the most desirable treat for my eyes and undoubtedly to this restless mind!

Aahhh... & I had told you earlier that I was rushing to be on time for the Homa... Well, my mind asked me for my consent to halt for a while and look around, strangely for the first time ever. I being a very kind person that day, let this notorious mind play, while I just lazed back to grab some quick moments on my friend's camera, all my way...

Blessed to have this very patient and splendidly talented photographer friend of mine, who endlessly clicked the superiorly crazy me, until finally the cops who were on their way back home, (guessing so), (not being able to absorb the fact that two wanderers were happily shooting in the middle of a very NICE national highway), asked us to flurry away and leave the way for the honking vehicles and lorries behind...

Well, fortunate as always, I managed to quench the thirst of my heart and mind, by getting completely soaked in the realm of this magically misty highway.

Photo of Way more than just a NICE Way! 2/2 by Swati Tripathy

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